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Shinai'an TombNearby City

Shinai'an Tomb

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Ranked #13 in Xinghua Can't Miss Attractions
34km from Yancheng,
"Shi Nai-ling, the author of one of the four great works of ancient China, "The Biography of the Water Margin", whose ancestral origin is Suzhou. Because of the evasiveness, he later lived in Xinghua, Taizhou, and is said to be in the area of Shijiaqiao. Here around Shi Naiyi, a cultural celebrity, built a related cultural park, Shi Naiyi's life and the creation of "Water Margin" after the graphics and text introduction. After Shi Nieqi died, buried here, now see the tomb of Mr., brick stone tablet is 1 meters above the ground, the tomb front of the monument, monument is about the 1940s set up, the text engraved "the tomb of the great writer Shi Nieqi, " for Chen Tongsheng. There are also a block stone monument building engraved with four characters "Nieyao Gongfang" near the cemetery. There are Shi Gongqiao, the information showroom, Mr. Zhao Puchu book "Repair Shi Neyao Tomb" and so on. Nearby is the common landform of Lixiahe area, the ecological environment is quite good, small river water, grass and green flowers, especially in April, rape flower, especially beautiful. Can watch a variety of birds live here, wild white crane is more common. More than 600 years ago, Shi Lao, whether or not so with his hometown Suzhou water township has a little similar, and chose to settle here, eventually old here, clear wind bright moon, flowers fragrant birds, forget the war and strife, the only part of the "Water Margin" still show a few heroes and heroes."