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Shipai Fortress Tourist Area

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RaftingMemorial Halls
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Recommended sightseeing time:3-4 hours
Shipai Village, Sandouping Town, Yiling District, Yichang CityMap

What travelers say:

Good and picturesque scenery is like a fairyland, especially a rough story in history that can not be forgotten, you need to feel it yourself, the local residents are simple, staying in the inn is very safe and clean, and the price is reasonable.


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Additional Information


Shipai Fortress Tourist Area is located in the middle of the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhou Dam, about 20 kilometers away from the center of Yichang. The tourist area is named after an abrupt boulder along the Yangtze River. This stone is made of granite, which is cut like a knife from front to back, left and right, just like a "card" carefully crafted by humans. The literati and elegant scholars of the Song Dynasty, such as Ouyang Xiu, Su Zhe, Huang Tingjian, and Lu You, all stayed here and left many good poems. In the 1940s, the Chinese military and civilians defended the Shipai Fortress against the Japanese invaders, making it famous all over the world. The scenic spot consists of three parts: Yangjiaxi Military Drift, Shipai Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall and Shipai Anti-Japanese War Memorial. Yangjiaxi military rafting is also a core attraction in the tourist area. The rafting section is divided into moving water rafting and still water rafting, with functions such as rafting exploration, military training, and hydrophilic leisure. Tourists wear camouflage clothes and row camouflage kayaks. The secluded valley is beautiful and beautiful, people swim in the painting, not only can enjoy the excitement of surfing the beach, but also feel the leisurely boating on the Pinghu Lake. The Shipai Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall is the first comprehensive Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall in the Three Gorges area. It was built on the military site of the Anti-Japanese War. It consists of four parts: the memorial hall, the multimedia exhibition hall, the graphic exhibition hall, and the physical exhibition hall. Tourists can visit here. Enjoy hundreds of precious objects and precious pictures. In May 1943, in order to defend the capital of Chongqing, 150,000 Chinese troops fought desperately against Shi Pai and 100,000 Japanese invaders, and achieved a glorious victory known as "China's Battle of Stalingrad", smashing the Japanese invaders. The dream of coveting Chongqing successfully blocked the iron hoof of the Japanese invaders in the southwest. Outside the memorial hall, it is the towering Shipai Anti-Japanese War Monument. In the tourist area, you can also see some military facilities of the year such as forts and air-raid shelters.
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