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Yancheng Wild Animal WorldNearby City

Yancheng Wild Animal World

4.5/514955 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Changzhou Family-Friendly Attractions
41km from Yixing,
"The first time I went to Yancheng Safari Park, because the reason for the epidemic is not many people, not so lively, I always feel that the zoo is still more people are interesting, but as a small holiday, I think it is still very good, I want to evaluate some advantages and disadvantages: Advantages: ① The whole park is really clean, this is really good, there is no smell or smell, even the bathroom is clean, really rare. ② It can be seen that even when the turnover of the epidemic is affected, the animals are kept well, without emaciation or spirit, this is really worth learning in many zoos, many small animals are also clean, it is really very happy. ③ Even if the traffic is not much, the staff did not perfunctory when it came to animal explanations or other activities, they still did their job and did their job. They did their job. The disadvantages: ① The park has been playing red songs in the loop. I think an amusement park/zoo. In fact, put some relaxed and happy songs or pure music is good, has been put the net red songs will let the tourists some tired, and is to make people feel. Some low, and the other is that the singing near the gate is really loud, some noisy ② Although I know the zoo needs to rely on this to attract customers, but I still think that should reject some animal performances, such as bears walking the tightrope bicycle, animal nature is not performance, I saw some uncomfortable performances like Bear Child Paradise, but the animals are very cute, because there is no danger show for animals. In short, the Yancheng Safari Park is really worth it, it is recommended~"