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Qixia TempleNearby City

Qixia Temple

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"Historical Site"
Ranked #3 in Nanjing Important Religious Institutions
47.3km from Zhenjiang,
"Jinling First Temple: Qixia Ancient Temple 👉🏻 The name of Qixia Mountain in Nanjing, the Buddhist holy place, originated from Qixia Temple, and the name of Qixia Temple originated from the famous hermit Ming monk named Qixia in the Liu and Song Dynasties of the Southern Dynasty. In the maple leaf cluster, Qingwa heavy surrounded by the red walls and white walls, the style is extraordinary, this is known as one of the four jungles of Chinese Buddhism Qixia Temple. Today's Qixia Temple is not only the seat of the Jiangsu Buddhist Association, but also the branch of Qixia Temple in China's Buddhist Academy. Qixia Temple is worth seeing because of its long-term spread of Buddhist spirit and wide-specified Buddha fringes. The incense is prosperous, the believers are numerous and the famous attractions are worth seeing: 👉🏻 Rainbow Mingjing Lake is located in front of Qixia Temple Mountain. There are hexagonal pavilions and a Guanshiyin sculpture on the lake. This is the must-see place to enter the temple. Close to the lake, it will give people a sense of tranquility into the pure land and purify the soul before entering the temple! 👉🏻 The Daxiong Bao Temple is dedicated to the Buddha of Sakyamuni, up to 10 meters. After that, it is the Pilu Pagoda, which is majestic and solemn. It is dedicated to the Jin body of Pilucan Buddha about 5 meters high. Disciples Fan King and Emperor Shishi stand around and the twenty days are divided into two sides of the hall. 👉🏻 Shelita is a relics of the South Tang Dynasty. It is one of the oldest stone towers south of the Yangtze River and the largest Shelita in China! The whole scheritha is beautifully shaped, not only the representative work of the art of the south of the jiangnan stone carvings in the sui and tang dynasties, but also the precious object of studying ancient buddhism, art and culture 👉🏻 Qianfoyan is located in the mountain rock behind the scheritha. The statues of the southern dynasties totaled 294 buddha statues, and 515 statues. After the Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties, there were excavations, totaling 700 Buddha statues. Liang Dynasty Linchuan Wang Xiaohong will be decorated with the Buddha statues Liang Dynasty Linchuan Wang Xiaohong will be decorated with the Buddha statues, Jinbi look, Qianfoyan in the south, and Yungang Grottoes in the north and south remote, is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese sculpture art. Qixia Temple around the maple leaves into pieces, if you do not climb the mountains to enjoy maple, you can also see a good scenery around a walk!"