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Wang's Little GardenClosed

Wang's Little Garden

4.2/5374 Reviews
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Ranked #2 in Yangzhou Famous Former Residences
21.3km from Zhenjiang,
"The Wang Court is arranged in groups, with a structure of regularity. The Court is divided into three roads, each with three large courtyards. The courtyards are divided by narrow alleys, not far from the door is connected, the door is open as a family, closed as a separate body. Cross-sectional, open and close. The advantage of the interchange is fireproof, and the quietness when necessary. Each courtyard is three into the extension, plus each into the main side of the wing, and has become a separate small courtyard. The front and back doors are connected in series with the courtyards, without counting, although the houses are as many as a hundred, but not as labyrinthic terrain. Interestingly, the main house is the same axis through, left and right symmetry, presumably by the Huizhou Daru's middle way. In the meantime, the hall has side porch, hall behind set ear room, all houses are odd number combination, embody the order of respect and inferiority, men and women have different feudal ethics thought and mysterious feng shui consciousness, can be Huishang thought and Yangzhou culture blending model. The house is a sparse and bright potted plants, peony, celestial flower, osmanthus, pine bamboo plum, mostly quietly stand, suddenly back to the old house in the countryside of Huizhou, away from Yangzhou immersed in water and moon, and more thick and simple."