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China Vinegar Culture Museum

China Vinegar Culture Museum

4.6/5780 Reviews
Ranked #11 in Zhenjiang Can't Miss Attractions
11.6km from downtown
"An interesting and 4A museum that can raise cheese, right here. 📍 "China Vinegar Culture Museum" Address: Open time: 09:00-17:00 (the latest admission time is 16:00) 🔖 There is a fun vinegar culture: As an industrial tourism museum, it combines intangible cultural heritage protection and industrial heritage protection. The two major themes of Hu, in-depth introduction and show the evolution of vinegar culture from ancient to present, and the past life of the museum investor Hengshun Group. The museum will have free tours every day and various theme experiences will be introduced from time to time. Remember to pay attention to its official warning, and always get 100% immersive vinegar jio 😜😜🍦 There is a good ice cream: as a standard version of food, Of course, I will not forget that PICK can only buy 3 ⃣️ special ice creams in museums: vinegar, yellow wine and soy sauce. All are developed by enterprises with their own products, corresponding to the different tastes of sweet and sour, wine and salty, the absolute special taste experience. 🚄 Traffic tips: If it is a small friend who is taking a high-speed rail trip, it is strongly recommended to take the Dantu Station! The distance between Dantu Station and the "Chinese Vinegar Culture Museum" is only about 5km. When you get off, you can go straight to the museum to play, which is closer and more convenient than the two high-speed rail stations in Zhenjiang City. The museum journey with full value for money is in the "Chinese Vinegar Culture Museum"!"
Fangshan Tangshan National Geopark Museum in Jiangning, JiangsuNearby City

Fangshan Tangshan National Geopark Museum in Jiangning, Jiangsu

4.5/5259 Reviews
Ranked #9 in Nanjing Must-Visit Museums
42.3km from Zhenjiang,
"Tangshan Fangshan National Geological Park Museum 👉 There are many attractions around Tangshan Scenic Area: Yuanboyuan, Yangshan Stele, Ape Man Cave, Fangshan Geological Museum, Mine pit Park, Jinwu Hot Spring Park, etc. Tickets are free of pits and gold and Wu, and tickets to the Geological Museum are 30 yuan. Can be purchased offline, or with the Ape Man Cave, Yangshan monuments together to buy a set of tickets, there are statutory holidays and super cheap special tickets can be robbed. 👉 The museum is closed every Monday, and the opening time from Tuesday to Sunday is: 9:00-17:00, and the check-in is stopped at 4:30 pm. 👉 Fangshan is a volcano erupting about 10 million years ago and is currently a dead volcano. The museum is mainly devoted to geological research and popular science education, with exhibition halls on the 2-3 floor, showing the origins of human beings, the discovery and research of apes in Nanjing, the historical changes of the landforms in Tangshan, the causes and consequences of the formation of hot springs, and so on. Too young children do not recommend, a lot of knowledge is obscure and difficult to understand, and needs a certain cultural basis to digest. 👉 If you are interested in geological culture, it is recommended to stay for a full half day. The museum is fun and interactive, with interactive floor-tap answers, voice responses, mirrors and more, learning and experiencing different joys in the game. 👉 There are culturally innovative products on each floor of the museum. According to the actual situation, you can buy them. Because there is no supporting food and beverage, you need to bring your own dry food."