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MingyuehuNearby City


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22km from Zhenjiang,
"Yangzhou Mingyue Lake is a new open-style scenic area, surrounded by the National Exhibition Center, Beijing City Life Square, double museum, cultural and art center and other entertainment and living areas. You can finish your meal in Jinghua City and play near the Lake of the Moon. The air is very good, the view is good, and the weather is very comfortable. Yangzhou is the city of the Moon, and it has been bound up with the moon since ancient times. No matter who mentioned Yangzhou, you can't bypass the Yangzhou Moon. "The world is three clear moon night, two scoundrel is Yangzhou", "the world is three clear moon, two alone Yangzhou", "who sings the water tune, the moon full Yangzhou", and so on, the poets all use their own way to stare Yangzhou moon. Life is changing, the moon years similar, is not these immortal poems make Yangzhou moon world, give a poetic, Fengzi Fengran dream? In fact, it is more than Yangzhou moon? As long as the moon city, will give people beautiful gods. The artificial lake named "the moon lake", one is taken from the "spring river flowers moon night" by the great poet Zhang Ruoxu of Yangzhou in the Tang Dynasty "spring river tides even sea level, the sea moon tides; the trance along with the waves thousands of miles, where spring river has no moonlight." The second is from the Tang Dynasty poet Xu Ning "remember Yangzhou" "the world three clear moon night, two scoundrel is Yangzhou" poem. Yangzhou City and the moon have the inseparable origin, the name of "Mingyue Lake" and "Mingyue Lake Bridge" not only inherits the history and culture of Yangzhou, but also shows the development of Yangzhou today."