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Jiade Art Center

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"A fine lacquer ware made by Baidao craftsmanship, which is a selection of the 100 pieces exhibited during the Qianlong years in the Forbidden City. It is also painted and carved into a luxurious and accurate red array. - no . 🎯 Exhibition information Location: Garde Art Centre Extension: 2021.7.8–10.12 Time: Monday closed 10:00–18:00 Single 80 Student 68 Weekly double 138 - no . 🏮 Commonweal explanation Randomized according to volunteer time Weekend 10:30–11:30 14:30–15:30 - no . 🏮 Last year, I saw the Gad and the Forbidden City's Faqi Exhibition. This year's lacquer Exhibition is not disappointed. I am glad to accept the beauty and shock and learn a lot of knowledge. These exhibits are selected into the exhibition hall, each in a more suitable environment for viewing. - no . 🏮 The manufacture of lacquer involves painting (painting), carving, drawing, filling and mosaicing, in short, incise with a knife and with a pen or a brush, sometimes finished and then engraved, and sometimes finished and then painted. The exhibition is also divided into several units accordingly. - no . 🔺lacquer sculpture Painting is a heavy coating of wood or other material on the paint, carving. A hundred miles and a thousand cuts, to get a raw paint. After several processes, each ten layers of paint can only increase the thickness of 1 mm, while the depth of the paint carved is 1-2 cm, which shows the human and financial resources of these beautiful artifacts. - no . 🔺 depict Paint painting or than carving is a little simple, but there are many kinds of crafts. In addition to direct painting, gold, oil, will first mark and then fill in color, or first with paint to pile out the grain before filling in color. After polishing, make different levels and textures - no . 🔺 imitation As in the late Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo became more sophisticated in their ornaments and colors. Apart from the exaggerated colors and materials, antiques, lacquer imitations of kilns and porcelain imitations of lacquers all reflect the rich but not necessarily necessary craft interest of the time - no . 🔺 Insert Don't throw the finished seafood, the colorful lustered screw 🐚 in the shell can be finely ground into a pattern for inlay. Not only that, coral, amber, agate, gemstone, enamel, ivory, horns are also deeply in the paint, become the object of the device. In addition to the aesthetic mapping, the state of mind that the treasures occupy can be seen one or two - no . 🏮The most attractive of the exhibition hall is those colored lacquer sculptures. The colored "Longfengji Fupan" has been painted red, green, red, brown, yellow, green and red seven layers of lacquer, and then carved out text, underprint and various flower treasures according to the design. The whole man seemed to be out of touch with reality as he looked at the colors in the depths, and heard the moment behind the hundreds of unknown craftsmen who had been gazing at him, to the dynasty, seeking prosperity and beauty. - no . July New Summer Exhibition Photo Place, Good weekend"