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Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area

Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area

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"🤪🤪🤪Summer will be waves, Huairou Qinglong Gorge Extreme Sports Holy Land ☀️As if overnight, summer will come, long-awaited summer travel plan, finally can be put on the agenda, this time we went to Qinglong Gorge in Huairou, Beijing, there is a scenic and surrounded by peaks, You can also take the cableway to see the scenery, climb the Great Wall, play bungee jump, speed descent, speedboat, cruise ship. Feel free to jump into the arms of nature to be happy 🥳The strength of the ultimate sports follow-up set, with us to continue to move more courageously and resolutely ~ 📍Scenic Spot Address: 200 meters north of Dashuiyu Village, Huaibei Town ‼️Here are some practical information for the attractions: 💟Scenic Spot Name: Beijing Huairou Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area 🚌 Traffic Raiders: 1️⃣ In fact, it is not far from the city, and it is the most convenient to drive by yourself. 2️⃣Mubus Qinglong Gorge Direct Train (80/person round-trip fare), one stop directly to no shopping, there are also staff on the car to help purchase tickets, explain the Great Wall history and play guides, the service is very intimate, the problem is solved at any time, very good. 3️⃣ There are also buses to go to, in the peak season, take 936 directly to the scenic spot at Dongzhimen Outer Station, about 2 an hour and a half. Take 936 in the off-season at the intersection of Qinglong Gorge (3 km from the scenic spot), take a taxi to Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area. It is recommended to take the 916 Road to take the high speed first to Huairou City, and then transfer to 936. ⏰Opening time: 08:00-17:00 (3Monday-1 November 30-Friday)08:00-17:30 (3Monday-1 November 30 Saturday-Sunday)Not open to the public (December 1-February 28-Monday-Sunday)❤️[Referral]1️⃣Qinglong Gorge Dam: Spectacular, clear and blue water, water depth 40-50 meters, You can take speedboats, painting rudders and cruise ships. Underneath is a shallow water area, about 1 meter deep, can row bamboo rows, rowing by hand, etc. 2️⃣🚡 Qinglong Gorge Cableway: Must come to sit on the Qinglong Gorge Cableway, along the mountain, Qinglong Gorge will gradually see the scenery. At the top of the mountain ⛰️, you can see the Miyun Reservoir, the Great Wall, and the International Trade CBD complex in the distance when the weather is good. A short walk can reach the ancient Great Wall bonfire tower of Qinglong Gorge, built in the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty. The mountains are steep, the terrain is complex and it is also open-minded. 🤩 Play item: The unique landscape of Qinglong Gorge is particularly suitable for extreme sports. It can challenge the downhill speed and climbing, and can also ride fast boats through the lakes and mountains between the canyons to feel the speed and passion on the blue waves. There are also interesting interactive experiences in the shallow water area such as bamboo rafts and shouting springs. ✅ If love, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, you can go. ⚠️ Qinglongxia Scenic Area TIPS: 🎫 Tickets: 54 yuan / person, student ticket half price 🚤 Speedboat: 60 yuan / person 🚡 Cableway: 50 yuan / person, round-trip 80 yuan / person ticket 40 yuan / person round-trip 60 yuan / person round-trip child ticket 30 yuan / round-trip 50 yuan 🛶 Hand rowing: 80 yuan / 30 minutes / boat 🕴 bungee pole 330 yuan / person ⛑ speed drop 80 yuan / person Adult, 50 yuan/student"