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Religious Sites
Badachu Park

Badachu Park

4.7/51994 Reviews
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"Historical Site"
Ranked #4 in Beijing Great Urban Parks
Open from 3/16-8/31,6:00am-6:30pm;Open from 9/1-11/15,6:00am-6:00pm;Open from 11/16-12/31,6:00am-5:30pm;Open from 1/1-3/15,6:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"📍 Detailed address: Eight major locations are located in Nanxun, the famous scenic spot of Xishan, Beijing, 16 kilometers from the city center. 🚗 Traffic Raiders: Suitable for self-driving, parking lot outside the South Gate, 20 yuan per parking. 🕙 Open Time: 06:00-18:00. 💰 Ticket price: 10 yuan for adults, more than 1.2 meters of children 5 yuan. 🌟 Highlight Features: Eight major sites were built from the Sui and Tang to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and they were named because there were eight ancient temples in the mountains. One is Chang'an Temple, which is not open at present. Two Lingguang Temples are famous for their worship of the rare Shakamuni Buddha's Lingya Shili. Three are the three mountains. Four is the Great Bei Temple, the temple has 18 Luohan statue. Five are Longquan Temple. Six are Xiangjie Temple, the eight main temple, the main hall dedicated to the three Buddha. Seven treasures, the eight are the highest in the Zhongshan, there is a pavilion inscribed in the Qianlong. Eight are Zhenguo Temple, not together with the other seven. 📌 Small Tips: The park is basically a step and a slope. The road is better. It is recommended to wear sneakers. You can walk the first seven places from the bottom to the top and visit, 2-3 hours. To the top you can take a slide down the mountain (80 yuan per person) or a cable car (60 yuan per person on a single trip). The slide can be queued at peak times, but it's fun to slide down, especially for kids."
Bairuigu Sceneic Area

Bairuigu Sceneic Area

4.2/5104 Reviews
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Transportation: The Bairui Valley Scenic Spot is in Fangshan in the western suburbs, between Shenglian Mountain and Baihua Mountain. It takes nearly 2 hours to drive from the city, so friends who want to come must leave early. There is also bus F21 at the entrance of the scenic spot, but The journey from the city by bus will be longer, so it is recommended to come by car. Scenic spot: A staff member at the entrance of the scenic spot will take the temperature, and then continue to drive to the ticket office, and then drive forward for 1 minute to reach the parking lot. If you park your car here, you can choose to walk or take a shuttle bus. At the top of the mountain, the shuttle bus is 30 yuan for a round trip. We chose to take the shuttle bus. This section of the uphill road is relatively narrow and steep, with many detours. It is really difficult to drive if a private car is not familiar with the route, and walking will be more tiring. After demonstrating superb mountain climbing skills, the driver's master drove us to the top of the mountain. The scenic spot is to tour down from the top of the mountain. After getting off the shuttle bus, you will reach the mountain top platform for a short walk. You can overlook the mountains. There are two ponies not far away, suitable for taking pictures and resting. Walking along the music boardwalk, you will pass the aerial ropeway, the high-altitude swing and the glass stone island in turn. People with the courage can experience it; walk down the mountain for 20 minutes and you will reach the Jurassic forest. Various simulated dinosaurs that move and make sounds There are also introductions of each type of dinosaur, which is very suitable for bringing children; at the end of the Jurassic Forest is the highlight of the Floating Cloud Bridge. You need to buy a 30 yuan ticket to cross the bridge. You can bypass the mountain road if you don’t walk the bridge. The bridge is a road. 5. There is a gap of 6 cm, so in addition to having the courage, it is also important to take good care of your belongings. Once the phone is not held steady, there is a high chance that it will fall into the valley. At Qiaotou, there is a small zoo on the left hand side and Baihua Mountain Spring on the right hand side. We visited both ends. We went down the mountain road to the shuttle bus stop on the mountainside. You can eat and rest here. Remember to take the shuttle bus ticket when you go up the mountain. Don't throw, you still have to check the ticket down the mountain. On the whole, the environment of Bairui Valley Scenic Spot is very good. It is very careful in operation and construction. Landscape, amusement facilities, animals, music plank road, mountain spring, everything, the mountain road is very long, but the scenic spot organically combines various play points in the middle. It won’t be boring to experience a scenic spot in a short time. The cost of the scenic spot is above the average, so it is worth it. Cost subtotal: Tickets: 80 yuan Ferry: 30 yuan/person High-altitude swing: There are three gears, the highest is 80 yuan/person, the lowest is 50 yuan/person, and there is a double-seater cableway for 80 yuan together. : It seems to be 50 yuan/person Fuyunqiao: 30 yuan/person parking free"