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Ballyholme BeachNearby City

Ballyholme Beach

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"After traveling to England, England, Scotland, we came to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I had friends, so friends drove us to the docks to go fishing. Fishing requires reservation of people in advance, and it is not necessarily possible to go out to sea every day, because if the number of people is not enough, the boatmen may not want to drive out, and if the weather is not good, they will not drive the boat, plus their life is very leisurely, have a certain time to take as a rest day. So if you can, make an appointment as soon as possible. We just made an appointment one day in advance, it is just possible to make a trip. I am too excited. Although it was July summer, but it was always raining, so it was particularly cold, maybe only a few degrees, friends borrowed his family's warm clothes for our family to wear, just to avoid cold, and took rain shoes, everyone set off. When we arrived at the dock, the boat had not arrived yet. There were no people everywhere. The foreign place was really large and small. The boat was very new, although not very big, but it was all dirty and all. There were three positions in the cabin. Because of the heavy wind and waves that day, someone would not be comfortable in a while, and they would have to come in and rest. The boatman would drive the boat all the way to a certain depth, he would stop it and let everyone start fishing, if there was no progress for a while, maybe there were no fish, or the water was not deep enough, he would re-driving the boat, Stop off to another deeper area. The fishing rod has four hooks, no bait, and throws them down. If a group of fish swims right over, there's a lot of fish on the hook. We've tried all the hooks to catch the fish at the same time."