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Things To Do in Boxing

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金巴兰朱元璋There are stone statues of Zhang Ba Buddha in the Northern Wei Dynasty! It's worth going!
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M42***54May 1 holiday with the baby Shandong small turn. Guangrao small town people outstanding, tree lined, the price is moderate. I bought the night tour ticket of Sunzi Cultural Park. Great value for money. Very suitable for bringing the baby. At the entrance at 7 p.m., there are antique costume shows that pass through time, there are children's acrobatics, turn hula hoop acrobatics, there are fountain embroidery, the most spectacular is 8:28 minutes of firework embroidery, in the words of your son, it is more enjoyable than the New Year. Thank you for the joy that Guangrao brought us.
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_We***11I had a good time, and I felt very cold when I first looked at others. After soaking by myself for 10 minutes, I feel very comfortable. After soaking for a while, it snowed, which is exactly what I expected. The sultry heat of the bubble was just comfortable for Xiaoxue. The child is having fun.
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D33***68If you got free time then definetely visit the site. Great place with ancient streets, old buildings, Zhousun Sesame Seed Cake factory, street food, gift shops etc.
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不动放纵爱自由Overall, it is OK, and there are more things to eat. After all, it is the ancient village that has just been developed. If you don't play with the project, it will be 2 hours, you can walk out. Looking forward to building better next year or in the future, the service attitude is still OK. See it through training.
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wbclawyerMata Lake is located near Qifeng Town in the northern part of Huantai County. It has been planned as Mata Lake Wetland Park. The area of Mata Lake Wetland is relatively large. Summer is here, with lotus flowers in full bloom in the lake and beautiful scenery. There is a large reed wetland nearby. With beautiful surrounding environment and fresh air, it is a natural scenic spot for surrounding residents for leisure and sightseeing.

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Weixiu'an Memorial HallBinzhou,China

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Xingguo TempleBinzhou,China

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