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City Park
Jindalba BoardwalkNearby City

Jindalba Boardwalk

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"City Park"
"Entering the park where "Cassowary twin covetous" is the most frequent, there is no way to meet "Cassowary twin covetous". A little turn (1 km) around "jindalba park", photographed the nymphs, black-headed hedgehogs, black-brown, dappled azaleas, azaleas, green and yellow-green birds and other forest birds. Close to stay "rainforest retreat motel hotel", did not expect the noon, in the hotel doorway between the big trees, actually encountered jujubes and dappled gardener birds, and also took a high-definition version! Drill into the rainforest up the hill small dirt road, lightly loaded forward, only take a set of 400mm lens. The mountain road in the dense forest, all kinds of birds, raise the eyes of the trees, even the bird, can not photograph, walk carefully, hope ahead the dense forest "Cassowary" (double covetous) appear. Days gradually light, road encounters face to face, also looking for "Cassowary (Double coveted)" of the local young couple, mutual communication, did not find the goal. The journey is near the end, hopeless, give up completely! Just relaxing the alert moment, suddenly 10 meters ahead of the forest, a much bigger than we think of a giant bird appeared in front of us, colorful, near a person high, the bird met us suddenly, hesitation for a moment, pull out of the leg and run, "Deng! Deng! Deng! " from our eyes, disappeared in the dense forest instantly! A few of us were amazed and simply forgot to take pictures. Excited and confessed poured up, mixed with mixed! Back down the hill to the parking lot, met the young local foreign couple who met and took pictures of "Cassowary" on their mobile phone! The most spoken to locals at the Dantry National Forest is Cassowary! The most heard English words are Lucky!"