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Cape Town

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About Cape Town

Hike or take the cableway to the top of Table Mountain on one of Cape Town’s perfect-weather days, look out over the confluence of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans at the very southern tip of the African continent, and you’ll see why Cape Town and the surrounding area is South Africa’s most popular destination. Take your pick of beach activities, from lounging on languid Camps Bay to penguin-spotting on Boulders Beach in Simon's Town. Going back to 1666, the Castle of Good Hope is South Africa's oldest building, covering the nation's Dutch history. Robbins Island held political prisoners starting in the 17th century, but most visitors know it as Nelson Mandela's home for 18 years. (Ex-prisoners often give the tours, answering questions about life on the island.) Over the past decade, wine-tasting in the romantic Cape Winelands has become a popular day trip for adults, while kids enjoy the brightly painted Bo-Kaap Muslim quarter or the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Every possible budget is catered to in Cape Town, from central boutique hostels to luxurious ocean view hotels.

Popular Attractions in Cape Town

Cape of Good Hope
405 Reviews
Nature Reserve
Previously the Cape of Good Hope was also called the Cape of the Storm. It is a famous cape in the southwestern part of Africa and is a landmark of Cape Town. It is also the intersection of the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. There is a black and white monument in the scenic area. The monument is to commemorate the Portuguese navigator Da Gama, who pioneered the navigation route from Europe to India.
Table Mountain
356 Reviews
Table Mountain is a landmark in Cape Town. The top of the mountain is as flat as a table. It seems to be flattened with a knife, so it is also called the dining table of God. On the right side of Table Mountain is Lion's Head Mountain and Signal Hill, and on the left is the Devil's Peak. Every year, a large amount of water vapor rises to the top of the mountain after encountering Table Mountain, and then forms a spectacular cloud under the action of cold air. It is like a whole piece of tablecloth covering the entire Table Mountain, and the scenery is very beautiful.
Boulders Penguin Colony
316 Reviews
4, Boulders Place, Secluse Ave, Simon's Town, Cape Town, 7995
Signal Hill
76 Reviews
Observation Deck
The lookout point on this ridge provides a great view of Cape Town and its surrounds. While the view is nice any time the weather is okay, dawn and sunset are the most popular viewing times. A parking lot is located near the viewing point for easy access for visitors.

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Full-Day South African Wine Tour
52 Reviews

Cape Town Weather

18 Nov 2019
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Turning Clear
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21 Nov 2019
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Trip Moments

Traveling Sisters   
"World War" in the Cape of Good Hope! "The southernmost tip of Africa" is here!

I have said many times that the coolest moment in my trip is to see the place names on the geography books appear in front of me. When the names of places in both geography books and historical books appear at the same time, it is almost twice as cool. When you come to Cape Town, you can't go to see the old friend of "Good Hope".

Go to the Cape of Good Hope, we chose a special way to pull the wind - "classic car." Our driver's brother, Stanley, drove us in the car of the grandfather of the 1930s. Along the way, we talked about the language of South Africa, his Cape Town recommended, the maintenance of the classic car, so unhappy, a parking, also opened the hood, generously invited us to visit the interior of the classic car, they have 6 classic cars, really Enviable.

The Chapman Avenue to the Cape of Good Hope is known as the most beautiful road in the world. It is said that the mountain road is 18 bends. Her heroic bends out 114 big bends, one side by the side, one side by the sea, no wonder Advertising for all the top cars in Africa is done on this road! From 1915 to 1922, the road was made by prisoners along the cliffs to the west. Her birth was thanks to the first Chief Executive of the Cape Province, Sir Nicolas Frederick de Waal, who, with his unremitting efforts, was able to get the road that engineers thought could not be completed. Born.

The Cape of Good Hope is a Western explorer who wants to lead to the rich eastern waterway, so it was renamed the Cape of Good Hope. Before the Suez Canal was navigable, the ships between Asia and Europe passed the Cape of Good Hope. The tanker cannot enter the Suez Canal and still needs to sail. The explorer of the Kingdom of Portugal, Dias, discovered the Cape of Good Hope, because of the huge winds, so she called her storm corner. After returning to Lisbon in December 1488, he told Joao II that he had discovered the discovery. If Johann II thought that he would bypass this cape, he would hope to reach the dream of India, so he changed the name of "The Storm Corner" to "The Cape of Good Hope". .

The wood board that marks the geographical coordinates of the Cape of Good Hope is simply a battleground for the military. People of different nationalities and different nationalities are waiting for a series of latitude and longitude numbers! Then take the only commercial cable car in Africa up the mountain and overlook the entire Cape of Good Hope!

said that the cable car has an interesting "ghost story", the name of the cable car is Flying Dutchman (flying Dutchman), in 1641, the captain of the Dutch East India Company, compiled a ghost ship The story, this ghost ship can still not be destroyed even in the savage waves of the "storm corner", always driving until the world is destroyed. This story is hand-in-hand in the hands of the waters of various countries. It is hidden in the waves and fog of the Cape of Good Hope. The name of this ghost ship is called "Flying Dutchman."

After going up the mountain, you can walk up to the lighthouse built in 1849. This lighthouse can be said to be incompetent. Because it is covered with thick fog all the year round, it is impossible to guide the voyage ship. The viewing platform has become the perfect existence of murdering the film in front of the blue sky!

Visitors go to the Cape of Good Hope at most to the name of the southernmost tip of Africa and the two ocean interchanges, but this is just a beautiful misunderstanding. The southernmost tip of Africa is actually the Cape of Agulhas, 147 kilometers away from her, and the actual intersection of the two oceans is also in the middle of the two seas, not in the Cape of Good Hope, which is because of its important geography and history. Status has become an honorary representative.
Posted: 17 Oct 2019
The cape of good and hope, the end of the world in my heart

Cape of Good Hope, is a very famous horn in the southwestern part of Africa.
This was once the most dangerous part of the world.
Because of the windy, rainy, and turbulent waves, it is called the "storm corner."
The warm current from the Indian Ocean and the cold current from the Atlantic meet here,
often forms a stormy wave over ten meters high,
occasionally superimposed on the rotating waves caused by the wind from the polar,
In the maritime era when conditions were difficult and there was no equipment,
sea conditions were very bad,
often ships sailing here, and were killed and killed.
So, Cape of Good Hope,
combined with the danger at the time,
is a simple and beautiful wish of the crew.

The current Cape of Good Hope,
under the clear sky, the sea water is violently impacting the rocks, and the
uplifting layer is rippled and magnificent.
The distance is blue,
the distance of the sea and the sky,
is the end of the real earth - the South Pole.

Actually, the true southernmost corner of Africa,
is actually called "Agulhas"
on the map, the sharp corner of Asia and Africa,
It consists of three parts.
The most famous one is the Cape of Good Hope,
but the best scenery, the highest is the Cape Point,
about 2 kilometers from the Cape of Good Hope,
needs to take the cable car to climb.

Take the cable car to Cape Point,
The whole Cape of Good Hope is at a glance,
plus the sea water from the shallow to deep five colors,
is a fresh natural scenery.
The lighthouse standing here is very eye-catching,
and the Cape Point is under the lighthouse. The signpost next to the
lighthouse is also very distinctive.
But the wind here is bigger, you must pay attention to safety.
Posted: 25 Sep 2019
In South Africa, take a classic car and go to the end of the world

After visiting the car museum in South Africa,
I am a person who doesn't feel much about the car,
also remembers the classic car.
When discussing how to get to the Cape of Good Hope,
knows that there is a fun way to rent a classic car,
of course you have to try it!

Take the classic car along the coastal road all the way to the south,
I am riding this rut is over 70 years old!
A good friend in front has been riding for more than 60 years.

From Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope,
journey takes more than an hour,
There are several viewing platforms in the middle,
can park and watch.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain as the flat-topped mountain of South Africa,
overlooking Cape Town and Table Bay,
towering on high and rocky The northern end of the Cape Peninsula.
Table Mountain is located in a special geographical location where the two oceans meet.
Due to the Mediterranean climate, the
mountain peaks are hazy.
Look at Table Mountain from the city,
and look at the beach is completely different.
The Table Mountain seen in the city is as smooth as a knife,
and it looks more like a continuous barrier from the beach.
Therefore, in the city of Cape Town, there are four seasons like spring, and the wind outside the city is whistling
can also be explained.
If you want to go to Table Mountain National Park, be sure to bring a thick coat

The next route is to bypass Table Mountain,
not long,
us I met with the other side of Table Mountain surrounded by everlasting white clouds.
is different from the idyllic Table Mountain,
can clearly see the outline of Table Mountain here.
Table Mountain is the only place to go to the Cape of Good Hope,
If time permits,
is very recommended to stay here!
Posted: 23 Sep 2019
"Let me go to the end of the world to see - South Africa "Good Hope""
Cape of Good Hope is a very famous horn in the southwestern part of Africa, 52 kilometers north of Cape Town, South Africa. Due to the bad weather here, the waves are soaring, and the ships used to sail here are often in distress, also known as the "storm corner." Later, after the opening of the Indian Ocean route, the communication between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean did not have to rely on it, so Portugal changed its name to the "Good Hope". Because standing here, you can look at the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
Blue water, huge waves, a stone that stirs up the spectacular waves. Even more surprising is that this is the intersection of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, and the normal sea water meets the special natural phenomenon here. There are thousands of miles here, the reefs are strange, the cliffs are steep, and the fluctuating waters are at your feet. Sitting on the reef and looking at the sea, I always think of Haizis poem "facing the sea, spring blossoms." Looking at the lighthouse standing on the side of the building, the waves splashing under the railings, the white reefs around you, will feel the smallness of life, and it seems that there is a new desire for life, and the people here are too beautiful!
Many people go to the Cape of Good Hope at most to the name of the southernmost tip of Africa and the two ocean interchanges, but this is precisely a beautiful misunderstanding that people have committed. The southernmost tip of Africa is in fact the Cape of Agulhas, 147 km away from her. However, the Cape of Good Hope is also a famous nature reserve. There are many low bushes and piles of bright flowers in bloom here. Rare animals such as antelope, zebra, donkey and black eagle and birds are living here happily.
Address: Cape of Good Hope Cape Point Rd
Posted: 14 Aug 2019
Can you see penguins in hot Africa? Come to South Africa~

Can you see cute penguins without going to the ice and snow in the South Pole? Pandy came to the southernmost country in Africa: South Africa, just in the town of Simon, 20 km south of Cape Town, famous for [Penguin Beach]

Cape Town
South Africa Cape Town is a vibrant city, with warm sunshine and charming harbor making it a very famous tourist city~

Penguin Beach Story
11982, fishermen in Simons town The penguins were first discovered here. After expert analysis, they are most likely to drift from the Antarctic through the dangers. Under the protection of local residents and the government, penguins have continued to multiply, and the number has now exceeded 3,000.
2 African penguins don't have to endure the cold like the distant relatives of the Antarctic penguins, and they are struggling to find food. They shake their bodies and enjoy the pleasant climate of South Africa. When they are hungry, they dive into the sea to find sardines and anchovies; when they are sleepy, they lie down. Take a nap on the silver-white beach. The embarrassing look is really fascinating.

1 Stop and walk along the seaside path of Penguin Beach, see the sea and the beach, full of cute figures of penguins;
2 and penguins come A group photo, this is the unique penguin in Africa
3 Tasting food in a nearby restaurant~ Is it a very special experience to watch a small animal with a lovely figure?

From the Cape Town area, there is basically no public transportation in Penguin Beach. It is recommended that you have a taxi or self-driving, half an hour from the city centre of Cape Town.
Posted: 28 Jun 2019


Cape Town
New Orleans
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