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Traveling in Thailand | Opening a colorful summer tour in Venice Watertown ~
Hua Hin's Venice Water City, also known as Little Venice, as soon as you hear the name, it is a theme park built in Venice.

This attraction was not in our plan. It was originally intended to go to the Palace of Love and Hope. As a result, it was just closed that day and it was transferred to Little Venice.

Just come in and need to buy tickets, and there are several points in it, which are charged separately, for example, there are 3D painting halls, upside down cottages, small trains, cruise ships, carriages, etc. There are also sets of tickets, it is obvious that the bundled ticket price is relatively cheap, we just bought a package, the price is 480 baht, which is equivalent to all the items inside can play.

There are also a variety of shopping malls and restaurants, but many of the malls have not yet settled in, so it is quite an empty castle. Overall, the photo is still very good~
Posted: 18 Jul, 2019
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The Venezia Hua Hin
Italy's Venice is too far away, so let's go to Venice, Hua Hin, Thailand to solve the addiction! Venice is a dream destination for many tourists, but Italy is a bit far away. If you have a Venetian dream, but you are struggling with time and budget, you may want to go to Little Venice in Hua Hin, Thailand to solve the addiction! The Venezia Hua Hin Chinese name is "Hua Hin Little Venice", as its name is a large shopping mall built in the style of European Venetian. Rather than being a large shopping mall, I would rather call it a theme park, because most of the people who come here are taking pictures, and few tourists come to shop. The entire park is full of elements of Venice, the simulation is very good, and the similarity is extremely high. Let me be the one who has been to Venice, and I am fascinated by the scenery here. Because it is really like, when playing in the park, my mind often recalls the scenes of playing in Venice, Italy, and brought back many wonderful memories. Hua Hin Little Venice tickets are not expensive, 60 yuan can visit "Venice", is not very cost-effective! You don't have to go to distant Europe, you don't have to spend a long time, how do you think Hua Hin Little Venice is a good choice. Hua Hin Little Venice is a well-deserved photo sacred place. This 60 yuan not only allows you to pretend to be in Venice, to solve the Venice addiction, but also to harvest a lot of beautiful photos. Because there are a lot of landscapes suitable for taking pictures in the scenic area, you can get a portrait photo casually, so it is very popular among girls.
Rachel Yu
The Venezia Hua Hin
Hua Hin Little Venice, European style theme block to recall the girl heart distance from the past feelings of the market is very close to the small Venice, as soon as the door is inserted into the European-style retro-style neighborhood, compared to the gorgeous Venetian Macao The buildings here are all in a fresh and simple style, which is more in line with the overall atmosphere of Hua Hin. The Venetian's most iconic canal, Gondola, is also indispensable. There is also a point to kill the Venetian Macao. is called Little Venice. It is not small. It is considered to be a few famous theme parks in Hua Hin. Big. In addition to the imitation of the Venetian-style neighborhood, there are also some small scenes full of fairy tale, so people can't help but press the shutter repeatedly. Coming to Little Venice, taking the gondola canal is also the most authentic experience. The gondolier wearing the Italian Venetian uniform, leisurely supporting the Gondola, the European streetscape flows backwards, making people forget whether it is in Thailand or Europe. I think this is the charm of the theme block. The architecture of the St. Mark's Church in Venice is also the theme of the park. It is actually an upside down house with various themes! This is definitely a surprise to Little Venice! Although I have seen it in many photos, I have never experienced it myself. Its really hard to know before, its not that simple to make a reverse and realistic feeling. Oh, compared to the inverted house, the 3D pavilion in another area is not so 3D. We took a picture or two and we were short of interest. However, many Thai locals play particularly hard, one more than one.
Shirley Zhu
Dusit Thani Hotel Hua Hin. The rooms in this hotel are small and the facilities are old. But the pool is big and there is more than one pool. The hotel is by the sea and you can take a stroll on the beach and see what photos are taken at sunrise. The hotel's gate is very far from the hotel lobby and can only be accessed by car. If you walk, it is estimated to be dizzy. The lobby is magnificent, the huge crystal lamps are not only in the lobby, but also the huge bling bling crystal lamps hanging from the restaurant. The lounge area is wide and the restaurant and bar are large. In this contrast, the room is even smaller. But it doesn't matter. When you come to the beach, the most important thing is swimming. The time spent in the room is not long. It doesn't matter if the room is small. However, there may be small bugs in the room, probably because the sea is too humid. And the lights in our room are also a bit problematic, my heart is oh. The breakfast at the hotel is very generous, with both Thai, Chinese and Western breakfasts. There are many Westerners here. Another point to note is that the hotel bar has a happy hour, drink at 9:30 in the evening or order a drink, the price is cheaper than other time periods, almost half price. We went through the order before 9:30, and the price of the order was again after 9:30. As a result, the clerk brought the happy hour price list, and we found out that the discount price was after 9:30 pm. From the hotel to Hua Hin city, it is still necessary to drive.
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