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City Park
Liubei Pond ParkNearby City

Liubei Pond Park

4.3/532 Reviews
"City Park"
Ranked #3 in Yibin Great Urban Parks
Open 24 hours (Local time)
""The water flowing, sit next. Although there is no silk bamboo, a bow, but also enough to talk about the quiet." This is the origin of the name of the park, is also the original intention of the park construction. "Lanting Preface" too well-known, the Song Dynasty attracts Huang Tingjian to build the garden, can know the spring drinking poetry is how happy, let people god-desire things. Qingming season, I came to the spring cup pool, remembering the literati saucy and graceful, it is also for this. 1. Location: Jiangbei, Cuiping District, near the urban area, convenient transportation, but there are many people in the spring, parking is inconvenient, and there is no parking lot around. 2. Opening time: 9 to 5. 3. Price: free, there is a brochure at the door, remember to take a map. 4. View: (1) The flowing cup pool must be the core of the flowing water, the preface of the orchid is the middle school text, everyone has learned, do not recount, Huang Tingjian in the shaded area to draw water dig pits, repair the flowing cup pool and square porridge, the elegants sit around a circle, poetry drinking, the cup flow to whoever in front of the drink, who will drink, A glass of wine a poem, people to judge good or bad, such style elegant today is not seen, mainly can find a circle of seven steps into poetry too few people. The characteristic is that the shelter of this small pond is the two giant stones on the foot of the mountain of Huike, the huge stone is huge, no exaggeration, it may be the cause of the earthquake, the middle cracked into a small valley, the wise Huang Luzhi borrowed the momentum, built a flow cup pool, the park later chisels the steps on the giant stone, Can pick up steps and on the top of the stone bird-eye lake light mountain color. Stone on "Antarctic old man innumerable life Buddha" eight large words, rumored to be Lu Zhigong handwriting. Guo Yuhuang was degraded to this left his achievements and his outstanding literary grace, later on the stones are engraved with the flow of water and for the Zheng Qinglian related poetry, some of the true writing good. Today, the park is also on the stone side erect dozens of monuments, on the calendar of the dynasties calligraphy famous articles, when the first is Wang Xizhi's "fast snow when the clear post", inscriptions covered with green, quite ancient. (2) The three countries' point of command, from Zhuge Liang out of the division of Meng Huo, through the place left, should be the true record, because it is Guangxu Xin ugly year monument record, that is 120 years ago, just this year is also Xin ugly, fate to meet you. Next to the construction of the Xiangfan, is also the ancient commemoration of Kong Ming, the descendants inherited the old ancestral hall, so that the scenic spot is double qian. Zhuge Ling is certainly not Wuhou Ling area, decorated magnificent, but the figures and the courtyard plaque are good products, read the mouth of the mouth, is really good delicious. (3) In addition to these two, there are wash table, eight wells and other attractions, you can simply feel. In a word, don't miss the historical and humanities. Five stars recommended, Yibin the best humanities landscape."