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Botanical Garden
Turning Stone WonderNearby City

Turning Stone Wonder

4.3/511 Reviews
"Botanical Garden"
"Geological Sites"
Ranked #13 in Chishui Amazing Natural Scenery
Open from 9:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"The shi chang shi qian guan scenic spot is the classic representative of the gravity type tan xia landscape of the world natural heritage "china tan xia". Located in the first class landscape resources within the planning scope of Shizhangdong Scenic Area of Chishui National Scenic Spot, Chishui City → Sidonggou → Chishui Great Falls → Yanziyan → Turning Stone Wonderland → Fuxing Ancient Town → Chishui City Tourist Ring Line, 20 kilometers from the city center, 19 kilometers from Chishui Great Waterfall Scenic Area. This stone group maintains a good natural ecological environment, trees and bamboo shade, spring water soaking, sudden stone, chisel small steps can be hovered. Tickets are 45 yuan, the scenic spots around Chishui are recommended to rent a car for self-driving, more mountain roads, slow travel is recommended. It is recommended to visit together with the Chishui Great Waterfall Scenic Area. The Great Waterfall consists of magical Danxia landform, dense high waterfall groups and subtropical evergreen broad-leaved virgin forest. The Great Waterfall and the nearby Zhangjiawan stone wonders, Huishui Temple Moyan statues 100 mu Chahua forest, The landscapes such as pastoral scenery are mutually contrasted, forming a natural waterfall park. In summer, June to August is the time when the water volume of Chishui falls is saturated, which is the most beautiful time of Chishui, plus the temperature of the tourist area is 3 to 5 degrees lower than Chishui City, is a good time to summer, walking in the green mountains and blue water is very comfortable."