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Xijiashan Folk Custom MuseumNearby City

Xijiashan Folk Custom Museum

4.5/52 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Jiangan Can't Miss Attractions
"#2019•Escape from the heat #6 Qijiang'an•Xijiashan ancient dwellings are highly recommended by the locals. There was no expectation, but it was a great surprise. I think even with psychological expectations, it will be impressed by the style and size of the house, the surrounding natural landscape, and the degree of refinement of the building itself. There are a lot of road from parking lot to the house, but it is still well-built, it is also a gentle slope. Several times doubt, several times ask the way, finally arrived at the entrance of the house. The entrance of the house is not as grand as expected, but the "violet gas" on the door a few words appear very domineering. The purple gas, which has been regarded as the symbol of auspiciousness since ancient times, is generated here, and the four characters show the mansion and its owner's momentum and authority. The building surface of the old mansion of Xijiashan looks ordinary, but it is only possible to experience its subtlety. The main body of the courtyard-style dwelling house was built in the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty, with reasonable layout, clear zoning and complete functions, and also taking into account the pattern of fengshui. The decoration of the main building is impressive, carvings and sculptures everywhere are all painted gold, exquisite, vivid, full of details, rich in the traditional national culture rich connotation. The pillar base, the door and window, the wall decoration, the slant support, the ridge top, whether it is woodcut, or stone carving, are extremely ingenious, exquisite and delicate, all contain profound meaning and charm, and there is no one of the pattern is repeated. Perhaps, the "big family", "official family", is just this kind of. Outside the main building is a pond, where countless brocade kilns are swimming happily. The big maple trees next to the pond are hung with red cloth ribbons of people praying for their blessings, among which the wish of "Golden Bang Title" is everywhere. This is a good place for a former Zhuangyuan mansion. Some people have said, "Little strong, not hard, grow up to become brocade." Perhaps, we should be like the owner of the sunset mountain, to have "purple anger in my home", "Little strong hard work, make brocade" the spirit, hahaha! [ laughs] [ laughs] [ laughs] [ laughs] [ laughs] [ laughs]"