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About Changshu

Called Yu (虞) for short, Changshu (常熟) – which means “long matured” – got its name from the fact that this is a place known for its “fertile soil long free from floods or droughts.” Changshu is located in southern Jiangsu Province. Situated in the Lower Yangtze River Delta, Changshu is nicknamed the “Paradise of the Lower Yangtze” and is one of the wellsprings of China's Wu culture. Renowned sights here include the Yushan Shanghu (虞山尚湖) Tourist Area and the Shajiabang (沙家浜) Scenic Area.

Popular Attractions in Changshu

Shanghu Lake Scenic Area
3,388 Reviews
Shanghu Lake Scenic Area is located at the southern foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu. If you are looking for a relaxing park with beautiful scenery to go for a walk in, Shanghu Lake Scenic Area makes an excellent choice. The lake has seven islands including a lotus island, a fishing islet, a songbird island and a peach blossom island, forming the unique scene of islands in a lake and a lake on islands. Every April, the peony show brings Shanghu Lake a lot of tourists. In the summer lotus flowers bloom on the surface of the lake. There is also a lantern festival in the autumn, usually in September-October, when the night garden will be opened.
Shajiabang Scenic Area
4,657 Reviews
The Shajiabang Scenic Area is located 10 kilometers south of Changshu City and is in the north of Yangcheng Lake. It is known for the communist-style Beijing Opera "Shajiabing". The TV series "Shajiabing" is also filmed here. In the scenic area, you can take a boat ride into the reeds and enjoy the beautiful wetland scenery. The reed maze is in the south of the Red Stone Folk Culture Village. There are two parts: a water maze, explorable by boat, and a land maze, by planks built on the surface of the water. You can choose which one to explore depending on your personal preference.
Yushan Scenic Spot
1,268 Reviews
Yushan has beautiful scenery, and its southeast foothill extends into the city of Changshu. Hiking up the mountain is free admission with only a few scenic spots requiring tickets. Locals can be seen relaxing and exercising in the mountains. Things worth doing in Yushan: Ascend the Jianmen Scenic Spot on top of the mountain to overlook the beautiful scenery of Shanghu Lake, climb up the Yushan city wall to view the city, and eat noodles in Xingfu Temple.
Fang Tower Park
353 Reviews
Fang Tower Park stands 80 meters away from the north of the busy Fangta Street, Changsu. It is an antique garden built based on the historical site of Chongjiao Xingfu Temple dated back in the Song Dynasty, sharing resemblance with the Suzhou Garden in style. Though the ancient temple was destroyed, the Fang Tower built in the 4th year of Jian Yan period of the Southern Song Dynasty (A.D. 1130) remains. Fang Tower has been renovated for several times. It is a landmark of Changshu. Fang Tower Park is named after Fang Tower. The scenery in the park is appealing, and observing fishes in Zuiwei Pool in the west of the park is also one of the favorites of visitors.

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Trip Moments

There is a folk legend. The Shili Mountain in the northwest of Changshu Ancient City (known as Wuniu Mountain) is a change of the god cow, and the square tower is the pile of the cow. The square tower of this tying cow has always had a mysterious color in my heart. Fangta Garden is located at the eastern end of Changshu Ancient City. It is a new classical garden built on the site of the Song Dynasty. It covers an area of nearly 30,000 square meters and is named after the square tower. The full name of Fangta is Chongfu Xingfu Temple Tower. It is surrounded by nine floors and is the landmark building of Changshu in the ancient city. It was built in the Southern Song Dynasty and was listed as a national key cultural relic protection unit in 2006. Fangta and the ancient wells of the Song Dynasty, ancient ginkgo and called "three treasures in the garden." The Fangtayuan buildings are all in the shape of a Song-shaped system. They are both beautiful and atmospheric, the cultural charm of the royal gardens, and the twists and turns of the Jiangnan gardens. The Quqiao Pavilion, the Xuanlang Water Margin and the Mountain Stones complement each other. In the northeast of the scenic spot, there is the Bishui Qinchuan Integrity Culture Theme Park, and the Changshu Inscription Museum and Changshu Hall of Fame are located in the north. still remembers half a day of Fangta Garden, stealing half a day. In the square tower garden, you can experience the characteristic monument, which is also one of the first ones. It is very fresh for the first time. In the process, I feel the profoundness of Chinese calligraphy art and the diligence and wisdom of the ancient working people.
Posted: 10 Jan, 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Shajiabang wetland bird watching, gull heron common water color Shajiabang reed wetlands, lake wetlands, river wetlands is a paradise for birds. You can observe the wetland birds through the telescope on the bird watching path and the bird watching house. In the wetlands, always take a ride on a barge. Watching the blue flower cloth swaying with the breeze, listening to the soft and low voice left by the boat across the water. There are some thoughts, with the ripples of the ripples, stay behind, and come on a journey of ecological bird watching. If you are a photography enthusiast, then bring a telephoto lens, this is a rare "bird fight" paradise. Walk through the water, watch the egret heron flying on the water and overhead. Shajiabang established a wetland conservation area. In addition to the necessary protection and restoration, there is no interference, no buildings, no tourists, and through the water system, maintaining relative independence and integrity, and becoming a home for birds to breed and multiply. As our paintings break through the water, we can always start a gull. Countless heron, black, white, gray, such as sculpture standing in the grove, guarding the nestlings; if the fighters skimmed over the water, pick up a small fish. The joyful scenes of such life make the long-cherished minds move. Passing through one heavy and heavy bridge, it is a narrow river, but the lake is suddenly open. Egrets and wild ducks appear in this poetic picture from time to time, becoming the most vivid embellishment. There are 90 species of birds in Shajiatun, which are rich in variety. The most common are eg egrets, night herons, and small toads. They are sometimes quietly hidden in the reeds waiting for food; when they are soaring in the sky.
Posted: 12 Feb, 2019
Shirley Zhu   
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