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Water Park
Playa MayaNearby City

Playa Maya

4.5/512851 Reviews
"Water Park"
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"2021.7.3 punch in Shanghai Maya Beach Water Park Tickets 249/person It seems that there is a group purchase but only 4 yuan cheaper. thank you . Notes Don't like bare feet can buy beach socks Basically, every project goes in and requires to take off your shoes. It is not convenient to find shoes Don't like to go on a sunny day It was raining heavily the day I went There are fewer people in cloudy days. I arrive at 11 noon, and the queue for anything is fast. Swimsuit Choice Better not have a dress or it's not fun Long sleeves can be a little sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen spray is with us, but there is no chance to use it. It gets a little sunburnt on a cloudy day, but not too bad It becomes sunscreen when you get into the water. take pictures . You can take pictures first and then open to play But I took it casually while playing. It is recommended to bring sunglasses, otherwise your eyes will not be open. Swimming ring You can only rent the big floats in my picture. Rent one for 30 Not suitable for swimming, suitable for drifting It's best to take your own swimming ring if you want to swim. There are also sold at the door, basically 30 are not expensive. Stimulus projects Basically, the estimate in Figure 9 is the most exciting, and the weightlessness is strong. But it's fun!!! Experience the project to earn the ticket price ah haha Mobile phone bag It's okay to take it, some of them sell 10 yuan there. Eat and drink There is food and drink inside but it is either delicious or delicious Some fried chicken with kebabs Expensive bathing You can rent a deposit of 30 for the cabinet. The bath area is crowded with people And it's not convenient to blow your hair. I brought a bath towel"