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Shangfangshan Hill National Forest ParkNearby City

Shangfangshan Hill National Forest Park

4.6/51422 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Suzhou Stunning Lookouts
Open from 7:30am-4:30pm (Local time)
"The Shangfangshan Forest Animal World is located in the southern foot of the Shangfang Mountain, with a planned area of about 67 hectares, a total building area of 24372.5 square meters and a floor area of 24042.5 square meters, divided into two categories: management service building and cage building. The forest animal world of the upper mountain is the only comprehensive habitat simulation exhibition area in Suzhou which combines wildlife conservation, breeding, science education, eco-tourism and recreation. Emphasizing the three characteristics of "conserving, enriching and engaging", according to the taste and demand of modern people, developing towards the habitatization, simulating nature, harmonious and unified exhibition hall and environment and showing form with affinity, and clarifying its core value, and through its own leadership and management ability, Create an animal world of excellence in an honest, public-service manner, and achieve the ultimate goal of contact, animal and natural world. The forest animal world of the upper mountain is dominated by the habitat of animals and plants, and the ecological cultivation is carried out according to the present situation of the base, and different ecological plates are established according to the living habits of different animals, thus the distribution of animal habitats can be simulated, and eight animal farms are formed, which are the bird area, the bird area and the animal farm. Herbivorous areas, primate areas, herbivorous areas, mammoth areas, South China Tiger Base, amphibious habitat hall, birds and birds areas. As a modern zoo, the world of forest animals knows that simple visit can make tourists boring, so in addition to the establishment of a series of projects to make visitors close to animals, there are also people to explain to visitors during the visit. The science popular knowledge, introduce related legends and stories to reveal the mystery of the animal world. Not only is an exhibition of animals, animal protection education, but also a place to smell the fresh air on weekends or early morning, tree-lined, flowery. The forest animal world located in the Shihu scenic spot, the area has been expanded to the original Suzhou Zoo of about 20 times. Because of the site expansion, the construction and viewing mode of the animal park has been greatly improved. According to the local conditions, the museums make full use of the original conditions, from the angle of human, animal and natural ecology, according to the life habits of various animals on display, the original ecology way to show visitors the wonderful from the animal world. A series of innovative layouts, which increase participation and interest, also enhance the aesthetic feeling of the whole venue, create the atmosphere of ecological environment, build the whole ecosystem of viewing, entertainment and education, fully embody the idea of "people-oriented, coexist with nature", In addition, the park also opens out the lakeside restaurant, comprehensive shopping shops and other commercial supporting facilities, fast food, a variety of hot and cold drinks, tourist souvenirs, snacks. Large underground parking. The park also set up a sightseeing battery car, the main road loop 3 km, a total of 9 stations. The upper mountain forest animal world and the stone lake scenic botanical garden, amusement park together, forming a three-in-one comprehensive tour park."
Tongli Wetland ParkNearby City

Tongli Wetland Park

4.6/5228 Reviews
Open from 8:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"The blue sky, white clouds, green trees and green lotus in the lotus pond ecological area of Tongli National Wetland Park make up a clear and transparent landscape painting, which shuttles through the water path. Here you can reach 1⃣️ Metro 🚇➕ Bus 🚌 Selection of Metro Line 4, Tongli direction, get off at the end station, walk about 3 minutes to Tongli station (Ganquan East Road) Bus station, take No. 725 to Tongli direction of bus station, take 6 stops to get off, change to No. 7107 to the direction of National Wetland Park, Take the 15 stop to get off, you can reach the wetland park. ⏰The whole journey takes 2 hours - 2.5 hours, depending on the length of the waiting time 2⃣️ subway 🚇➕ taxi 🚖 scheme as the plan 1⃣️ first take the subway line 4 to get off at Tongli Station, then take a taxi to the wetland park ⏰The whole journey takes 1 hour, Among them, taxi time is about 20 minutes 💰 taxi fare: about 35 yuan 3⃣️ long-distance bus 🚌➕ bus 🚌 scheme from the bus passenger North Station, the south station and the west station can be passengers to the Tongli bus station, and then take the bus 7107 from the Tongli bus station to the wetland park. ⏰The whole journey takes time: more than 2 hours 💰Bus fee: about 8 yuan, takes about 50 minutes, in summary, plan three does not recommend, if there are many people, it is more cost-effective to share the taxi fee, and save time, it is recommended to adopt plan 2⃣️. If there is only one person and there is plenty of time, it is recommended plan 1⃣️."
Wang Mountain Sceneic AreaNearby City

Wang Mountain Sceneic Area

4.5/584 Reviews
Ranked #8 in Suzhou Stunning Lookouts
Open from 8:00am-4:30pm (Local time)
"Suzhou Photo | Wangshan French Manor met the Louvre in Suzhou Xinjin Wanghong punching ground, located at the foot of Wangshan Mountain, relying on a new commercial complex developed by a tea garden, there are net red afternoon tea, large tea garden, European architecture, etc., a new choice for Suzhou weekend tour. - yeah . ✅ punch card: Wangshan · Meet the Louvre 📍 Address: Wangshan, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, it is recommended to drive by yourself and parking is free. 🎫 Tickets: Free - yeah . ⛺️[Worth punching in] 1⃣️ Wooden Mimi Kitty Cafe The new cafe, with five glass bubbles next to the white tree house, can sit in the bubble house for coffee and cats, buy a 168 package for two people can take pictures in the bubble house cats for an hour, pay attention to pre-booking, too hot to line up. 2⃣️Knowledge Love Song Wangshan Old net red cafe, the cafe is large, more than a dozen tree houses, sitting and drinking coffee is very pleasant 3⃣️ Tea Garden There are large tea gardens, this time is just the time when the tea garden is prosperous, suitable to camp, take pictures, walk. In the tea garden found a pear flower tree blooming, in the green background of the tea garden, especially out of the film. 4⃣️ European style square There is a very French square, various sculptures, fountains, special architecture, as if in a French town, there are many art shops worth visiting. - yeah ."