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Forest World, Suzhou Amusement LandNearby City

Forest World, Suzhou Amusement Land

4.3/51438 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Selected for Suzhou Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:15am-5:15pm (Local time)
"I went on a weekday. There were two school spring trips that day. But people are not many. One project can play several times. Some people say that there are many people. Everyone has a holiday. Can't have a lot of holidays. I want to be convenient for myself and want to play. This is not very likely. I feel good about the following projects. 1. Deluxe Waves The flying chair is not very exciting, it comes down a little dizzy, I played it three times myself. Snowfield Shuangxiong The jumper, the green slowly rises to the highest point, the red is the speed up, and suddenly it's very exciting! 3. 31 degrees north latitude Hemispheric theater, chairs move with animation, and they're a little dizzy when they come down. 4. Elves to each other Bumper car, personally, doesn't feel exciting. 5. the top of Everest The indoor jumper has a big screen in front of it, and it gives you 3D eyes, and it goes up and down with the animation, and it's weightless. 6. Tornado storm 720 degrees rotate slowly, not halo 7. Drifting in a Dreamland Water rafting project. Buy a raincoat. It is recommended to buy 15 sets (raincoat + shoe covers) in the park. The quality is better than the outside. Personally, I think it is good and fun. I went to the mountain car that day and didn't drive. It's a pity that there are more than so many items to play. I am very impressed."