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About Chaoyang

Chaoyang is situated in the west of Liaoning province. It is known for its stunning scenery around Phoenix Mountain. Other popular attractions include Qingfeng Mountain, Dahei Mountain, Geizi Cave and Hongshi Valley. There are also a number of historical and cultural attractions including Youshun Temple, Wanxiang Temple, the Qing dynasty Taoist complex of Tianchenguan, and Bei Pagoda.

Popular Attractions in Chaoyang

Phoenix Mountain
420 Reviews
Phoenix Mountain can be found just to the east of Chaoyang City, in western Liaoning province. It is bursting with lush forests and peaks. Not only is it a celebrated mountain in western Liaoning but it is also a famous Buddhist shrine. There are a number of natural landscapes to be seen such as the Golden Camel Looking up at the Moon, the Elephant Trunk Hill and the Natural Buddha as well as Buddhist temples such as Tianqing Temple and Yunjie Temple. The area is home to some very interesting natural landscapes. Furthermore, Phoenix Mountain with rich vegetation is also an important habitat for some of the country’s most endangered and rare black storks.
Chaoyang Bird Fossil National Geological Park
497 Reviews
National Park
The Chaoyang Bird Fossil National Geological Park is located in the western suburb of Chaoyang City. The park displays fossil specimens of some of the world's most ancient birds as well as a number of flowering plants. There is also a wealth of Mesozoic fossils of ancient life, including a large number of fossil specimens from dinosaurs, reptiles, fish, and plants. Walking through the fossil excavation site, you can observe a whole host of Mesozoic fossils.
Daheishan Forest Park
69 Reviews
National Park
60 Reviews
Historical Site

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Trip Moments

Some time ago, I went to the Daheishan Scenic Area in Beipiao City, Liaoning Province, and was attracted by the red mountain body exposed in the green color. Nature always gives us a good look Da Black Mountain for the Yanshan Mountain orogeny The ridge of the sea, the strange peaks of different shapes, vivid and vivid, "Qifeng inverted plant sighs, the top of the hanging stone ghosts shocked", sighs the magic of nature. Daheishan is located in the south section of the Nuluerhu Mountain Range. The wild natural forest has a high research value. Experts engaged in forestry and ecological research have come to this study. It is home to the largest primary forest in the western Liaoning region. Coniferous forests, deciduous broad-leaved forests, coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests, and shrubs are all over the mountains. They are green and colorful, and they are splendid in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The mode of transportation is as follows: car: You can take the bus to Beipiao City or Aohan Banner, then take the Beibui-Shanhan (-) line shuttle bus under the Big Black Mountain. The car can be. In Shenyang, Dalian, Jinzhou, Chaoyang, Chifeng, Fuxin and other large and medium-sized cities, passengers can arrive at the shuttle bus. Train: Take the train and get off at Beipiao South Station. Then take the shuttle bus to Beihei City to Daheishan. Trains from Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Jinzhou, Chifeng and Dandong will stop here at Beipiao South Station. Airplane: Take the flight to Chaoyang Airport, get off at the Chaoyang Passenger Transport Center and take the shuttle bus to Beipiao, then transfer to Beipiao City. Chaoyang Airport has the routes of Dalian-Chaoyang and Beijing-Chaoyang. Self-driving: After the expressway at the Changshen Expressway Beipiao exit, follow the 305 National Road to the direction of Shuhan and Beizifu.
Posted: 14 Oct, 2019
Chaoyang is the center of Buddhism. There are hundreds of ancient towers and ancient temples in the three Yan, Tang, Liao, Jin, Yuan and Qing dynasties, ranking first in the Northeast. These tower temples have a long history and are well preserved. They have a high historical value and artistic appreciation value. Many of them are national key cultural relics protection units or provincial key cultural relics protection units. They are highly respected by religious circles and are well received by tourists from all over the country. Favor. There is a Qing-style ancient building complex near the South Tower at the eastern end of Xinhua Road in Chaoyang City. The street is a tall archway, and in front of it is a cultural leisure square. A marble paved road leads directly from the archway to the mountain gate, and the rainy road is green on both sides. As soon as you enter the mountain gate, the two rows of manicured pine walls extend to the end of the temple. The towering ancient cymbals are accompanied by verdant pines and cypresses to cover the quaint temples. This quiet and solemn Buddhist shrine is the largest and largest Lamaism temple in the western part of Liaoning. According to Qingkang fifty-four years (1715), "Yu Shun Temple Inscription", the temple is the capital of the Lama, the emperor of the Emperor Kangxi in the 37th year of Emperor Kangxi (1698). It was built by the court. After more than eight years of hard work, the temple was finally completed. Subsequently, Zurzi Su lived in the Ktu Lama and asked the Emperor Kang to give the temple the name "Yushun Temple", taking "Shangtian Xueyou to the people" and "Dadexing is the best in the world". And a statue of sandalwood Buddha.
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