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Chaozhou | Intestinal powder competition Do not look at this small category but in different cities, and even regions to create different styles. From a young and fresh, to everyone's good show, then to the rouge powder ... always meet your heart. Address: Alleys of Dongping Road, Paifang Street (next to the street goose goose) street typical Chaozhou intestine powder, graphite in the corner of the store is drained with millet pulp, and the door is made of intestinal powder. Drawer steamer. Steamer steam, rice slurry into the drawer, nothing to add the sausage is the lowest match, you can upgrade to a variety of food version. Aming Intestine Powder Address: No. 23, Shuimen Street, Paifang Street, the old land intestine powder is only fixed, 6-10 yuan is limited to the difference of weight. Eggs and minced meat are served with a thick sauce of sausage powder, and large pieces of shiitake mushrooms and dried vegetables make the sense of layering. If you don't like local sausage powder, this store is worth recommending. Wen Sausage Powder Address: The first floor of No. 263, Taiping Road, Paifang Street Thin powder wrapped cabbage, shiitake mushroom, and enoki mushroom. This sausage has rich "connotation". But the sesame sauce is a bit sparse and has a soy sauce flavor shengji sausage powder address: Kuiyuan Road Kuiyuan residential area B, No. 47 Whether it is from the selling phase or the taste, it is 4 The best in the family sausage store ~ the ratio of the two sauces is coordinated, not greasy, each chopstick can be encased with a sauce inlet, the taste is mellow and smooth.
Guangjimen City Tower was originally called Guangji Building, also known as Hanjiang Tower. Folkly known as East Gate Building, it is the most spectacular one among the seven ancient gates of Chaozhou Ancient City. At the same time, it is not only the main symbol of Chaozhou famous city, but also an important gate of Chaozhou North Dike City Dyke. Guangjimen Tower is a palace-style three-story mountaintop attic, imitation palace-style building, glass tile red wall, Zhuzhu lattice window, painted with carved beams, looks majestic. You can climb the tower and look up at the river opposite, and the scenery is spectacular. In Chaozhou, except for tricycles, the most common means of transportation is motorcycles. Two people who were full of panic and ran to the Guangji Bridge for a walk. If you want to visit Guangji Bridge during the day, you will be charged 50 yuan for a round trip to the bridge. Free for those over 60 years old. You can pay a fee to cross the bridge. I feel that there is not much need to waste this money. It is also good to see the scenery on the riverside. Guangji Bridge is the first open-closed stone bridge in China, also known as Xiangzi Bridge. Located outside the Guangji City Gate of the ancient city, it was built in Song Dynasty. It consists of a set of pavilions similar to pavilions. It is a typical Lingnan wind and rain bridge style. It is connected by a pontoon bridge. When a ship comes over, it can be untied for ships to pass. When there is no ship, it is connected for visitors to cross the road.
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