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Fun Attractions Nearby in Chengdu


Dujiangyan Irrigation System

29,800 Reviews
3.7km from downtown
Water Conservancy Project
"Yes, the ticket is fast, it rains when you go, there is nothing inside, the scenery is OK, the Dujiangyan student ticket is 40 people, with also discounted 2 yuan, there are very few people inside"

Qingcheng Mountain

14,328 Reviews
Qingcheng Mountain
12.2km from downtown
Taoist Temple
"[Scenery] Qingcheng World Show. As one of the four famous mountains of Taoism, the beauty of Qingcheng Mountain does not need to be said. Especially the scenery of the back hills is particularly beautiful. 3 times to climb the mountain, the last time to climb the whole journey, or to enjoy the beauty of the mountain road."

Emei Mountain

29,007 Reviews
13.5km from downtown
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
"Emeishan Qingyin Pavilion is one of the many scenic spots in Emeishan, and also one of the must-see scenic spots to visit Emeishan. After getting off the bus, I have to walk a section to Qingyin Pavilion. I heard that listening to Qingyin Pavilion late at night is the best time, but we can't stay here overnight, and we'll have a chance later."

Leshan Giant Buddha

15,824 Reviews
1.5km from downtown
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
"Come with friends, because it is a more classic 5a-level scenic spot is also coming once, because of the Yuqin reason, this time there are very few people in the scenic spot, and I met a tour guide at the door. The tour guide was very patient and the explanation was very meticulous. This is a cultural attraction and there are not too many things in the scenery. It's fun to have a guide to explain."

Xiling Snow Mountain

9,144 Reviews
33.4km from downtown
Snow Mountain
"I drove alone, but the weather was not good and the visibility was not high. On the first day of the mountain, the fog on the mountain was particularly large, and the place where I just got off the bus from Yingxue Square could not see the lake. This degree. Then go up the mountain, basically can see the scenery, the whole person is in the clouds. I thought this trip was like this. I stayed for one night and found that the next day there was a thick snow on the top of the mountain. It was very rare to see in this season. I immediately bought a ticket for the ropeway and ran to play snow in the morning. The whole experience of the journey was a bit of a surprise."

Langzhong Ancient Town

4,725 Reviews
3.6km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"The ancient city of Yuzhong is one of the four ancient cities in China. It is rare that it has not been overexploited and retains the original ancient charm. This quaint city is very suitable for rainy days to take the oil paper umbrella slowly, fine products. Yuzhong is a "living" ancient city, the alley is still living aboriginal people, simple life."

Bipeng Valley

6,812 Reviews
Li County
17.5km from downtown
"Bi Penggou, it is very convenient to drive to the basic high speed, the scenery is very beautiful, you can see what it looks like when you see my photo. You need to take a bus to enter the scenic area, but it will not be long before you can get there. There are several different attractions inside, you can see the snow mountains! It's cool to go in the summer, maybe to see more beautiful snowy mountains in the winter, and then again if you have the chance."

Bifengxia Giant Panda Base

3,671 Reviews
10.5km from downtown
"Passing by the way, I decided to take the children to see the panda. In the room set by, the experience is very good! The boss is very warm and intimate. The sanitation is clean and tidy, the breakfast is very rich, and the five-star praise is 哟"

Lehe Ledu Theme Park

4,242 Reviews
68.9km from downtown
Theme Park
"The weather is good, suitable for playing, we came to Lehe Ledu, the project is also quite complete, the children are very happy to play, the staff is also very enthusiastic, it is recommended!"
TOP 10

Jianmen Pass

5,003 Reviews
8.6km from downtown
Historical Site
National Park
"We went to the family of three with a little girl over five. Go in from the north gate and take the cable car No. 1 to the middle of the mountain, and walk the bird road to Liangshan Temple (my daughter is already the lowest age for climbing bird road. Because there are many places that need me to take her up the ladder or carry her first. The younger child is not suitable, because the bird road is too narrow, if the child is a little naughty, then after the 2nd ropeway went down the mountain, took a 400-meter slide, the child liked it. Then took the cable car to Shilu Peak, and walked from Shilu Peak to the first line of Tiantian to Guanlou and then from the south gate. The whole journey is still more suitable for families with children, if the child is too small or there is an old man can directly connect the No. 1 cableway to the No. 2 cableway, but this will not climb the bird road."
TOP 11

Chongqing Zoo

2,451 Reviews
8km from downtown
"Chongqing Zoo is a large comprehensive zoo in Chongqing, the park is very large, the animal species Qi, including panda house, herbivorous animal area, mammoth area, bird language forest, water bird lake, amphibian reptile, goldfish house, monkey house, lovely animal area, water park and so on."
TOP 12

Sanxingdui Archaeological Museum

5,097 Reviews
6.7km from downtown
"With friends to explore the mysterious Samsung push, finally have the opportunity to observe the Samsung Tui civilization, bronze statues, gold masks, bronze masks and other cultural relics, people can not help but to the Samsung Tui culture to produce curiosity, suitable for taking students to go. But there are really many people on holidays and weekends. There is parking in the scenic area and at the door. It is best to avoid the peak period!"
TOP 13


4,360 Reviews
21.9km from downtown
"The Mugecuo is generally good, but the timing is not right. There are no flowers and no snow in May. There is even a rainy fog. From the seven-color seagulls, you can not see the snowy mountains. You can also go up to the top of Mugecuo to see the Gongga Mountain. The wind is a bit cold. It's okay to wear more clothes and a sunglasses hat. By the way, the foot-soaked fish in the boiling spring of the medicine pool is too itchy."
TOP 14

Liu's Manor Museum

2,391 Reviews
13.3km from downtown
"I have always only liked the mountains and rivers and seas, and I don't care much about human geography. But Liu's Manor really opened my eyes. If I make a big understanding of Liu Wencai before going, I will see more deeply."
TOP 15

Zigong Dinosaur Museum

3,597 Reviews
8km from downtown
"It is more suitable for children to play here, of course, it is best to let him see what Jurassic Park and so on in advance, to cultivate his interest, then he will come to this exhibition hall, will be very interested."
TOP 16

Shunan Zhuhai (“South Sichuan Bamboo Sea”) National Park

2,607 Reviews
14.7km from downtown
"The bamboo sea in southern Fujian is the largest natural bamboo forest area in the world, with a unique location, which has created the "Yunshan Bamboo Sea, the sky and the earth" . Is the world rare, China's only collection of bamboo landscape, landscape, lakes, waterfalls, ancient temples in one, and also has a long history of human landscape of bamboo culture, bamboo ecological leisure resort destination."
TOP 17

Bifengxia Wildlife Park

3,046 Reviews
10.8km from downtown
"To be honest, I feel that the tickets are too expensive. In addition to taking a sightseeing car to see the tiger and lion, the total cost-effectiveness of other animals is not high. There are many animals in Chengdu Zoo. The tickets for Chengdu Zoo are only 20 yuan, hahahaha."
TOP 18

Qingmuchuan Ancient Town

490 Reviews
63.1km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"Aokichuan is not big in fact. If you come to play, it should be enough for a day. But it is still recommended that everyone live for one night. When you are at 5 o'clock in the morning, you can really hear the cock's crowing. It is the so-called three provinces of chicken crow. At that time, there was a deep feeling. Their bark was a twittering sound, and you sang me out, and it seemed as if I had suddenly come to life in the dawn of Aokikawa, and it seemed as if it had suddenly made a man go through time and space to return to the most prosperous 1840s."
TOP 19

Huang Longxi

1,169 Reviews
38.9km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"Huanglongxi ancient town, located in the southeast of Shuangliu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, can be traced back to the three countries Liu Bei established in Chengdu, the Han Dynasty regime, has a history of 2100 years. The ancient town preserved seven streets in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the streets paved with stone slabs, the columns arranged in order, and the average width of the street 3.5 meters. The ancient town houses were mostly buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They were dart-shaped poles and rails of the moths. The first floor and the first floor were occupied by water, reflecting the cultural characteristics of the ancient temple. 🏯 Huanglongxi is clear and clear. The green trees on both sides of the banks are in full swing, and the striking Chenjia water rafts started in the Jiaqing Year of Qing Dynasty. They used a stream of water to plough a village of grain and carry grain for a little while. The gates are made, and the gates are fallen, and the water flow is thin and inestimable. "Chenjia Shuiyu", the bridge side of the canisters 8, irrigation more than 800 acres, now, "Chenjia Shuiyu" has become one of the landmarks Huanglongxi."
TOP 20

Chongqing Wildlife World

1,011 Reviews
69.2km from downtown
"Lehele is really worth a visit, the day ticket that I bought is not enough time, it is quite big. There are wildlife areas and entertainment ***. The children said that they will come next time, this time the children are very happy to play 🥳, dolphin show, ice and snow world are included. Very cost-effective. The staff in the scenic area is also very enthusiastic. Very kind to answer questions. There is also a fun splashing war, catching fish. But we didn't catch 😄. Come back next time."