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Popular Art Exhibitions in Chengdu

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
335 Reviews
289m from downtown
"Not much self-funded projects, especially interesting, reservation 20, if the hand is fast, you can grab free, there are still more people on the weekend, the first floor is aerospace, others are also very interesting, full of technology"
Reasons to Recommend: Sichuan Science and Technology Museum is located on the north side of Tianfu Square in downtown Chengdu. It is divided into a number of permanent exhibition halls such as aerospace exhibition area, machinery exhibition area, virtual world exhibition area and robot exhibition area. Many of exhibits are “Made in Chengdu” technological exhibits, such as F-7 fighter aircraft from Chengfei Group and WP-6 turbojet from Chengdu Engine Group.
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Sichuan Art Museum
107 Reviews
435m from downtown
"There are galleries inside, and a variety of art themes are displayed. This side also reflects the level of artistic attainment in Sichuan, especially in the Chinese painting, which is quite prominent. Now there are improvement projects around, so the museum is closed in advance."
Reasons to Recommend: Sichuan Art Museum is the seat of Sichuan Artists Association, located at the intersection of Dongchenggen Street and Renmin West Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu, northwest of Tianfu Square. It is a avant-garde building with a height of 38 meters and a total of 6 floors. It has two underground floors, six floors above ground and four floors in part. It covers an area of 11 acres and has a total construction area of 19,000 square meters. body. It consists of a polygonal main building and a rectangular annexe. The annexe adopts a sloping roof. Viewed from the main entrance, the wall is like an opened curtain, which is very beautiful and modern. After its completion in 2013, it will form a "cultural gathering area" with cultural venues such as Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, Sichuan Provincial Library, Chengdu Museum, Jincheng Art Palace, and Tianfu Grand Theater around Tianfu Square.
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Nonly Idea Factory
28 Reviews
3km from downtown
""Eat goods and the most in the literary and artistic niche gathering place" when it comes to the creative factory in Chengdu, which one would you think of? In the West 1st Ring, there is a hidden place to eat, drink and have fun using the old factory building. It was once a state-run Chengdu Sanjiang Clothing Shoe Factory, the last handmade Clothing Shoe Factory in Chengdu City. It originated in 1914. The shoes sold at that time were very high grade. It was basically worn by the upper class of society. Many leaders are his customers and once became national brands. Many Chengdu people's memories are carried here, and now activation has been transformed into Wuli Creative Factory. The place is very small, the factory has no iconic gate, just a tall building on the word "no inside", the sign is the wall "angry snail"! The creative factory is small, but it is a U-shaped factory, but it is decorated in a delicate design, full of nostalgic industrial wind. The door outside the strange shape of steel pipe, entrance passage walls, graffiti style is a bit strange. Entering the patio, a square, open courtyard, with the blue and red brick walls of the times, exposed yellow pipes, graffiti, and creative shops, it is quiet and comfortable. Now, this small, abandoned shoe factory, with its creative coat, has gathered a group of young people with special ideas, and slowly transformed the place into a creative park. Four squares of Wuli Creative Factory clearly mark the four main buildings of ABCD, and the name of each shop can almost tell the main business, covering all aspects of eating, drinking and having fun. Once the state-run Sanjiang Shoe Factory has now become a fashionable base, here, you can also become a literary youth; here, instantly pull you back to that factory years, memories can not erase the trace; here, you can go to these old generation sweat and youth place to find food; You say, this is not another feeling of Chengdu leisurely warm lifestyle?! Tourism tip: simple half an hour, serious about taking pictures 1-2 hours; if you want to explore, slow play, can stroll for a day. Daily-food shops, bars, restaurants and cafes can find their shape here, the flow of people, business atmosphere is not strong, like quiet friends can come to sit. Such as Chengdu's famous water bar bar rock park, five-star praise popular Western food Tongkou Echo, Nanyang cuisine is the main private restaurant, very stylish daily food shop color. Exquisite cuisine, the fashionable food bar co-existing with Leshan BBQ and cocktails is not bad, a pun-toned ale wine agency, Have a romantic store name of the baking experience store Meet You Dessert, beer auxiliary snack leisure bar WONDER HOUSE Everything House, very popular with health-seeking people like Viz energy salad, groups to diving zoos around the world, skilled in making cocktails in the store alcohol laboratory, The Dear Cake Dei, the rare Mexican restaurant MECAL, the ghost-themed Japanese barbecue octopus kitchen, and the creative florists, meat shops, tattoo shops, and more are hidden in this nostalgic little factory."
Reasons to Recommend: Wuli Creative Factory used to be a state-run Chengdu Sanjiang Shoe Factory, which was famous for its handmade "Sanjiang" cloth shoes. Although it has now closed, it still retains its previous appearance. The square yard exudes the unique charm of the old factory in the 1970s and 1980s. .
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Chengdu Art Academy
71 Reviews
1.6km from downtown
"The project of the courtyard art gallery, held in Chengdu Art Museum from April 30 to June 6, is entitled "Secret Daily". [Scenery] Traditional Sichuan West courtyard building. [Interest] Unscheduled feature exhibition. [Cost-effective] Free visit."
Reasons to Recommend: The Chengdu Art Museum is approved by the competent authorities of Chengdu, planned and initiated by the Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, wholly-owned and invested by Chengdu High-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., and is a multi-functional non-profit art open to the public. The museum is an important part of creating "humanistic high-tech". The building of the museum was designed by well-known designer Liu Jiakun, and the first curator was led by well-known art historian, critic and curator Lv Peng. The museum opened on July 1, 2011.
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Museum of Contemporary Art, ChengduClosed
113 Reviews
12.9km from downtown
"Along with many Dior Chinese brand friends Zhao Liying, Prince Wen, Chen Yuxin, Feng Delun and others appear in the 7.24 Sun "Christine Dior, Dream Designer" Chengdu Exhibition Opening Wine. Come and enjoy the creative passion of the Audi brand for more than 70 years! Exhibition Time: 2021.7.25-2021.9.7 (10:00-18:00) Exhibition Location: MOCA Exhibition Ticket price: 40 RMB Eleven Theme: [New Style] [Designer of Dior Brand] [Miss Dior] [Dior Garden] [Audi Toward the World] [Dior Workshop] [Versailles] [Dior Ball] [Dior True My Perfume] [Diorama] [Dior in China] Dior and Dior in the world show Dior's cultural exchange in the world: via Egypt, India, Britain, Mexico, Spain and China. One of them is a Chinese artist Xu Bing brandish ink calligraphy in this China exhibition area to show the red atmosphere of China in the color of red, black on a quite Chinese style clothes I love the cheongsam dress, do you have a favorite one? The garden and the dance of Dior Mr. designer Christine Dior has a fondness for the beauty of China since childhood, which is also an important part of Dior since 1947, and a symbol of fragrance products. Romantic garden design hall and every piece of clothing, like maiden wardrobe, gentle and romantic, the Dior Ball is more like a castle where many Dior princesses are looking forward to attending the party, a series of wonderful dresses that show a fantastic romance, this wonderful The Dior designers exhibit so many memories to see the designers' romance and enthusiasm that they enjoy in every scene: The beauty of the Dior, the lounge area is included, the place to enter, remember to wear a mask, the place is set, try not to touch the area, can not use professional camera, can not flash"
Reasons to Recommend: Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum is a multi-functional non-profit art museum facing the whole society, and an important part of creating "humanistic high-tech". The Contemporary Art Museum of Chengdu is divided into two floors, east and west, with exhibition halls A, B, C, D, E, and F6. The first floor of the west building is the exhibition hall A, the exhibition hall B is a low space on the second floor, and the exhibition hall C is a high space on the second floor; the exhibition hall D in the east building is on the first floor, and the second floor is divided into halls E and F. Chengdu Power Station of Art is located in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, a large-scale single software park that has been built in Asia. It is close to Tianfu Avenue, the central axis of the city. Its unique location and environment make it a unique landscape where technology and humanities complement each other in Chengdu.
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Wenxuan Art Gallery
17 Reviews
11.7km from downtown
"The title of the exhibition is "Mountains and rivers inquire about things, palaces are home", derived from Zhang Jiuling's poem, "Mountains and rivers only inquire about things, can palaces be home?". It also emphasizes the inner pursuit of things, no matter what kind of home, as long as the original intention remains unchanged, home is a "palace". Friends in Chengdu, might as well make time to visit!"
Reasons to Recommend: Wenxuan Art Museum is a stylish polygonal independent building located in Chengdu High-tech Zone. The museum often holds cultural and art exhibitions, art appreciation, art exchanges and other activities.
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Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu
17 Reviews
13.6km from downtown
"Next to Sanshenghua Township is Landing, which is easier to find, and is basically surrounded by rural areas. The area is relatively large in the Chengdu Art Park. After more than 20 years, the overall buildings are mostly small villas and studios. Many artists decorate the houses in a different way. The artistic atmosphere is good. There is a door panel painter who paints the monsters of the mountains and seas. I was deeply impressed. It is a good place to cultivate sentiment when you can walk around when you are free."
Reasons to Recommend: The collection of Chengdu Blue Roof Art Museum includes paintings, installations, new media works, contemporary art and blue roof art by many domestic and foreign artists, especially the collection, research, exhibition, art exchange and document construction of the southwest contemporary artist group as its own characteristics. . Relying on the renowned Chengdu blue-top artist group at home and abroad, the museum is dedicated to the display and promotion of Chinese contemporary art works.
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Fanmate Museum
10 Reviews
6.8km from downtown
"The whole park is industrial. Once you enter the park, you can see the branch of Wuhou Library: the first floor has the arches combined access, the red and green staircase, Chinese restaurant, small oil painting exhibition hall. The passageway, hall, corridor, all kinds of oil paintings are arranged everywhere. From the second floor of the stairs there is a study area by the window, the middle of the dining area (Starbucks) small lounge. The layout of the surrounding books, paintings, carvings are still the main, very literary and artistic atmosphere. The Barclays in the park is more distinctive, cave style, Chinese food, Western food, the evening is a bar. There are many special cafes and various cultural and creative studios. Photos are easy to take."
Reasons to Recommend: The Fanmu Art Museum has a wide construction area and a strong artistic atmosphere. There is a 3D printing design experience center in the museum, which is technologically advanced and a good place to produce ideas.
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Yi Ma Gallery
No comments yet
8.4km from downtown
Reasons to Recommend: Yima Gallery is an art institution integrating exhibition, art promotion and collection.
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