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Wiang Kum Kam

Wiang Kum Kam

4.3/5161 Reviews
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"Ancient Settlement"
Ranked #5 in Chiang Mai Local History
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The lost civilization - the ancient city of Wei Gan Gong was the first capital of the Lana Dynasty, built in 1289, and was later submerged until it was discovered in 1984. Before coming to Chiang Mai, I just felt the call of the sound, until the first two days, the name of the ancient city suddenly appeared, and then the heart of it infinite longing, infinite longing. And I came here, also because of a fate. On the way to the hotel from the Corning Night Market on the first night in Chiang Mai, just around the corner, there is a small open-air bar that is really exaggerated, that is a roadside stall, but other roadside stalls sell food, it sells wine. I was stopped by a voice and he greeted me warmly. Looking back, it was a smiling face with a warm, warm face. So I met SAK. SAK was a bumper car driver. Unlike the usual pick-ups, SAK naturally tells me about the various temples and history of Chiang Mai. Well, he likes them very much. Yes, I like them very much. There are more than 300 different temples in Chiang Mai, and SAK helps me choose several very special ones. Later, I naturally asked him about the ancient city of Wei Gan Gong, the day, he actually knew this place. So, he met him, he took me there. Take the Tubular car, is 300 baht. Less than 10 kilometers from the ancient city, in a village. The old bricks, the underground cities that cannot speak in words, cannot help but touch and look and see. The instruments that carry historical memory will feel so familiar. Says to SAK that he's going to go back later and add him 500 baht, and SAK happily agrees. I like Wei Gangong Temple to die too, perhaps it is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai. Because no one knows, it's just so comfortable. Occasionally there are Chinese tours, just a short walk of 10 minutes, so do not fear being disturbed. Have a local Mama massage in the temple, in nature. Originally was going to experience the female prison horse killing chicken, but SAK told me that they are not professional, the real horse killing chicken people have decades of experience. Really know. I had set a clock, because it was too surprised and comfortable, and wanted to add time, but there have been local people waiting for aunt massage treatment for a long time, regret not to continue. A clock is only 150 baht, let people moved to die. The cymbals to Wei Gan Gong temple can pay attention to ha, in the temple yard, there are aunt's horse killing chicken, if you meet, must try, you will feel great value. That day, in Wei Gan Gong spent a very peaceful, joyful, and deep contact with nature day. Wei Ganggong, I will come back to the travel tips of Wei Gonggan ancient city: 1. 7 kilometers from the ancient city of Chiang Mai, you can take a sudden"