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About China

China is a global powerhouse. With an ancient civilization and strong cultural traditions, it has emerged from years of isolation and now occupies a central role in international affairs. China is blessed with rich natural resources including pristine mountains and lakes, vast deserts and grasslands, and a picturesque coastline. Chinese cuisine is known the world over and its great landmarks are instantly recognizable. The Forbidden City and Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, Hangzhou’s West Lake, or the Shanghai skyline. These symbols of China’s ancient roots and modern prowess make it a truly fantastic travel destination.

Popular Cities

Popular Attractions in China

Xinglongshan Natural Reserve 
166 Reviews
Nature Reserve
Xinglongshan Nature Reserve is a popular mountain with long history. It is a place where locals from Lanzhou can climb and exercise and enjoy summer games. The Xinglongshan Nature Reserve is rich in trees, with many blue pines, mountains and rivers. It is a rare and beautiful place compared to the arid northwestern land. When Chiang Kai-shek and Song Meiling visited Lanzhou in the period of the Warlord Era, they lived here and built the Chiang Kai-shek official residence.
Yellow River Steel Bridge
2,649 Reviews
The Yellow River Steel Bridge is also known as Zhongshan Bridge. It is one of Lanzhou’s most famous landmarks and a must-see for visitors. This steel bridge was built in the waning years of the Qing Dynasty. At that time, it was the first bridge that the Yellow River that could be used the whole year round. All of the materials used in the German-designed steel bridge was imported from Germany and work on the construction was overseen by German engineers. The north terminus of the Yellow River Steel Bridge is just beneath the famous Baita (White Pagoda) Mountain. Atop the mountain are many ancient relics and monuments. Many people like to climb the mountain to take photos of the panoramic view of Lanzhou and the Yellow River Steel Bridge.
Gansu Provincial Museum
1,416 Reviews
Gansu Provincial Museum is located in the Qilihe District of Lanzhou City. The museum houses a large number of precious cultural relics, which is a must-see destination for tourists in Lanzhou. The Copper Flying Horse Statue in the museum is not only a symbol of China's tourism, but also the treasure of the museum. Here you may also see the "Brick with Postman Picture" unearthed in Gansu. The brick with painted postman is now the symbol of China Post. In the museum, visitors can also enjoy the grottoes copied from the Mogao Grottoes and the Maiji Mountain Grottoes.
Baitashan Park
792 Reviews
City Park
Baitashan Park is located on the north bank of the Yellow River near Lanzhou city center and is an important attraction in Lanzhou. Baita Mountain is famous for its ancient white pagoda on the top of the mountain. There are also many palace-style buildings in the mountains. Many trees are planted around the building. It is very good for mountaineering and photography. What's more, you can see the spectacular panoramic view of Lanzhou City when you board the Baita Mountain. The view is very wide.

Trip Moments

Cynthia wei   
Posted: 10 Apr, 2017
Private list|Domestic small island tourist spots Small holiday As long as you think of tourism, you feel that everyone is everyone... Hot spots think about scalp numbness. Today I want to make a few small tourist attractions for everyone. Even if it is not a small holiday, you can go to the skin under the usual holidays and weekends. island is very small, but no matter where the seasons go, it is no wonder that it is called China Maldives. The peak of the majestic and handsome show ~ the story of the cliff stone carving ~ aquatic products and my imagination is a bit different, it is estimated that the mouth was raised by Qingdao. But I never forget that the red rice shrimp on the island ~ super delicious Yantai Long Island last time specifically introduced Long Island. really beautiful. The original ecological sea area, the water is super clean and clear, the sand is soft, the beach is very clean, kill Beidaihe! Don't forget to go to Linhai Lushan Park to watch the sunrise of the Yellow Sea and watch the sunset over the Bohai Sea. On the island, even if you are in a daze, feel good, remember to try the fisherman Zhoushan Island island is small, but because it has not been developed, it is really super beautiful, how to shoot is very good That kind. Recommended Western Bay and East Asia, as well as Dawang Beach. The unmanned village is not very recommended, it sounds good but it is to feed the mosquitoes. Be sure to watch the sunrise and sunset in Shanhaiqi. It is really shocking has only begun to be noticed in recent years, although it is still a young volcanic island but it is very beautiful. Strong sea fishing, seafood is OK. If you are in a bad mood, come here, and you will feel better when you are swaying the sea breeze and watching the slow fishing boat. And there are small wild fruits on the island to eat. PS
Posted: 20 Jul, 2019
Beauty to the Bursting Fairy B&B | Meilu Homestay There are always a few days to return to the hidden forest, listen to the insects, and see the simple people farming, even if the hair is full of fun and enjoy the sunshine. The ostrich town is such a fairy place. Maybe you haven't heard of the ostrich town. It is one of the top ten tourist towns in Zhejiang, and the only remaining township in the Yuhang area without industrial blocks. Come here, you can only experience the infinite Zen and feel the paradise of Tao Yuanming. The towns beautiful B&B is also a fairy house. is a super super Ness fairy, super intimate and super passionate. And on the day I arrived, I also carefully prepared the exquisite afternoon tea! Whether it's paella, vegetarian salami pizza, or delicious sirloin soup, it's awesome. I have to know that these are all from the hands of Grace's housekeeper in Germany. The delicious index is almost the same (the kind of light bursting). The style of is also gray and elegant, romantic and French style. Its no exaggeration to say that every style of this homestay is beautiful, including small designs and small layouts. The room is also very romantic~ I feel like a small public. Not a cute style, it is a special castle style. The scenery of the window sill is superb! Regardless of the glass window of the room, or every glass window in the house is a fascinating green of this natural and simple ostrich town. Although there are all kinds of sofa carpets~But the house is clean! Whether it is the bathroom, the kitchen or the neglected corners are usually cleaned! So satisfied. Unfortunately, I can only rush for one night because of the itinerary. I will also designate this home next time. Everyone remembers to book in advance~ After all, it is very popular.
Posted: 22 Jul, 2019
Posted: 24 Jan, 2019


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