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Guojiao SquareNearby City

Guojiao Square

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"Under the city, the people on the water city have a Jiangming red flag. Holding the cup, I love Luzhou well, and I give the guest orange with ten fingers. In the fifty-seventh year of Qianlong, Zhang Wentao returned from the capital to his hometown in Suining, Sichuan, passing through Luzhou, which coincided with the city hosting a hundred wine festival. Several local celebrities invited to buy a large altar of Luzhou Daqu wine, and sailed on the Yangtze River to help poetry with wine. When the wine was half-hearted, the great poet uttered these four sentences, describing the "four kinds of beauty" in Luzhou, namely: the beauty of the city, the beauty of the water, the beauty of the wine, and the beauty of people. Because of its name Chuanshan, now Luzhou Laojiao has built Chuanshan Tower in the corner of the scenic spot to commemorate the first talent in Bashu. There are many good wines in Jiangyang Ancient Road. Luzhou was called Jiangyang in ancient times, and the Qin and Han dynasties had already made wine. In the third year of the Shuhan Dynasty, when Zhuge Liang sent troops to Zhongshan, Jiangyang, he asked people to gather herbs to make music, and use the water from the Toulong spring in Yinggou in the south of the city. The first generation of Luzhou-flavored Daqu Liquor was invented by Guo Huaiyu, a native of Luzhou in the Yuan Dynasty, with a long history of more than 690 years. The Guojiao Square on Sanxing Street is now Yingtougou, and Longquan is here. The relief sculpture of painter Ma Zhensheng on the square shows the development of Luzhou wine industry from the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The relief is 79 meters in length and is homonymous with the word "eat wine" in the Luzhou dialect, so the locals call it "the picture of eating wine"."