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About Chongqing

Chongqing is renown in China for being a "mountain city". The brilliant nightscape of the town is equally as famous. The whole city is constructed on the tall peaks, low valleys and sloping hills of the mountainside. Many skyscrapers have an upper, middle and lower ground level entrance. When strolling about the downtown area, visitors will find themselves walking uphill and downhill along the undulating terrain of the streets. Central Chongqing is located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. It is also one of the important Yangtze River ports. The port itself has created its own kind of local culture. It can be said that the people here are similar to their favorite hotpot meal, a bit hot and spicy, and perhaps a bit prone to fiery outbursts. Leaving central Chongqing, there is an abundance of natural and cultural sites of interest. For example, visitors can see amazing geological wonders like the Heavenly Pit—the world's deepest sinkhole. There are also ancient relics and structures at places like Baidicheng Temple Complex or Diaoyu Fortress.

Popular Attractions in Chongqing

Hongyadong Commercial Street
5,136 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Hongyadong commercial street is located on Cangbai Road of Yuzhong District, Chongqing City. It is at the intersection where the Yangtze River and the Jialing River meet. Most of its buildings are “Diaojialou” style, which reflects traditional architectural features of Bayu. It is a great place to go if you want to check out the old streets of Chongqing, appreciate the two rivers, or try local cuisines. At the same time, it is home to a bustling night scene, making it a fascinating attraction for photographers.
Yangtze River Cableway
5,541 Reviews
Cable Car
Yangtze River Cableway has developed into a must-visit attraction for tourists in Chongqing. The cableway starts at Chang'an Temple (Xinhua Road) in Yuzhong District and crosses the Yangtze River to Shangxin Street (Longmenhao) in the Nan'an District. As you take the cableway and travel to the other side of the river, you can see the scenery of the skyscrapers, the Yangtze River, and the south bank of the river. There is a saying that “If you don't see the night view, you have not been to Chongqing”. So take the Yangtze River cableway so have a glimpse of Chongqing's night skyline. The Yangtze River cableway has also become a favourite for many filmmakers in Chongqing. Whenever there are cableway footages in domestic film and television dramas, the audience will know that it was shot in Chongqing.
Ciqikou Ancient Town
11,062 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Ciqikou Ancient Town is located beside Chongqing city. It used to serve as a goods unloading dock. The town has more than a dozen streets and it is filled with ancient Ming Dynasty architectures. You can walk along ancient paths, taste local food and snacks, and chill in a teahouse to feel the ambience of old Chongqing. As the town is very close to the urban area, it is a popular attraction for urbanites' recreational activities. Mao Xuewang, Qianzhangpi and salt-and-pepper peanuts are the three specialties in the town. The "Chen Fried Dough Twist" is also a must-try when you are there.
Chongqing Happy Valley
2,619 Reviews
Amusement Park
Chongqing Happy Valley is located in Chongqing’s Yubei District. As part of a national chain of amusement parks, Chongqing Happy Valley has hundreds of attractions. The park is divided six major theme areas: Happy Hour, Dream Island, Hurricane Bay, Dinosaur Forest, Old Chongqing, and River Valley Mining Town. Attractions like the ferris wheel, roller coasters, parachute jumpers, and others are exciting and are loved by children. The park is also open in the evening. At night, under the lights, Chongqing Happy Valley is even more charming.

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Trip Moments

It is the local travel blogger of Chongqing. I live in the middle of the Yangtze River Cableway in Yuzhong District. I go out through the Yangtze River Cableway every day. The people are full of people, and my heart is really infinite! Chongqing's current network redness has not been used by me. As a gallery photographer, I almost ran through the major city parks in Chongqing. Although many attractions are not necessarily visited by locals in Chongqing, some unpopular attractions are introduced here. Everyone~! Figure 1: Xie Family Courtyard Address: Xie Family Courtyard, 2nd Lane, Taihua Building, No. 11 Jiefang East Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City Very beautiful Ming and early Qing Dynasty architecture, rich atmosphere! There are various souvenirs and books in Chongqing! Note, just show, not sell! It is a place that is perfect for sitting down and having a good taste. Figure 2: Fotuguan Park Address: Below Daping Hospital, Eling Road. Very original park, or temple, because there are Buddha statues everywhere, you can visit. The location is very good, you can take a light rail at close range and you can see the panoramic view of the Ka Wah Bridge at night. Figure 3: Zhaomushan Forest Park Address: No. 88, West Section of Jinkai Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing A large and large forest park, almost a whole hill, can walk around for a whole day. There are different flowers and scenery throughout the year, and there are many large lawns for people to enjoy. The viewfinder on the top of the mountain has a great view! The favorite exercise place! (In Chongqing, its okay to go hiking ~~) Figure 4: Haishi Park Address: Qingfengshan Village, Zhongliang Town This park is a bit biased, not hard to reach by car! But the inside value is quite high, all are all kinds of castles, and few people, it is suitable for friends who like to take pictures! Figure 5: Tongjing Printing Box Lihua Eco-tourism Area Address: Print Box Village, Tongjing Town This tourist area is really really far away, and it is really inconvenient to have no car! And the road will pass through various township roads. In the entrance to the tourist area, it may be blocked for an hour because of the friends who parked the road! However, the season when Li Hua is in full bloom is really a plum blossom in the mountains and mountains, very beautiful! Figure 6: Shimen Park Address: No. 200, Dashiba Seven Village (near 214 station) A very leisurely park, almost half of the mountain, greenery is great, and there are maple leaves in the autumn! Figure 7: Dadukou Park Address: The park next to the pedestrian street in the main city of Dadukou, southwest corner of the intersection of Wenshen Road and Hubin Road. It has a large area and is very casual. You can see a variety of local residents who enjoy the cold and playing cards and walk and brag. It is a very grounded place. I really like that arch bridge! Figure 8: Chongqing Art Museum Address: No. 1 Linjiang Road, Jiefangbei Cathay Art Center As the landmark building of the Chongqing Art Museum, there is also a Qiankun. Various art and calligraphy sculpture exhibitions are almost every day, and it is not a problem to go shopping for a long time. Figure 9: Rongqiao Park Address: Fuyuan Town, Fengyuan Road, Tongyuan Bureau (near Nankai Middle School) The park by the lake has a good environment and is walking slowly along the lake. If you are tired, you can sit down and have tea!
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