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Nantong Senlin Yesheng ZooNearby City

Nantong Senlin Yesheng Zoo

4.7/57,759 Reviews
Selected for Jiangsu Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Let me evaluate it! And the object's May Day trip, especially happy! I suggest you pay attention to the WeChat public number before you go, which has show time, then you can plan a whole day trip to the zoo according to the show time. We went at 9 am and didn't come out until 8 pm. Make sure to bring good food and water! Bread is arranged for everything! Food in the park is expensive, such as 10 pieces of intestine! Not necessarily delicious! Usually there is a street performance in the morning and then start watching animals. We finished the pedestrian area before 1 pm, and then queued for a small train, which was a one-hour queue. But the small train was quite disappointing, because the animals were still in the fence, just like the pedestrian area, it was still far away. But since you go, don't have any regrets, I suggest you experience it! Then we went to the big circus, the big circus is not famous, it is wonderful! Have a concert feeling haha! It is recommended to go to the queue early, pick a front row seat, and interact with the staff. After watching the big circus, the sea lion show also looked at it. Although it is very regular, it is convenient to take a break, because it is really tired. When you go, you are going to have 20,000 steps a day. Go to the white beach to see the light and shadow show at night! The twinkle of the lights is also eight wrong! But the wind is very strong and the temperature difference is very large. It is recommended to bring a jacket 🧥! Although we forgot to bring it haha. After the whole day of the show, it is over! Although tired and cold, this is the normal after each play, be prepared! After all, happiness is also true! It's a wonderful memory for me and my partner!"
Nantong Adventure KingdomNearby City

Nantong Adventure Kingdom

4.3/51,543 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked No. 8 in Nantong Family-Friendly Attractions
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Transportation: I took the 85th Road to the East Station to the Adventure Kingdom. Hi after feeling: 1. The water world chose a cooling day to play the night stadium, there are not many tourists, every slide does not have to queue, you can play up, but not every slide can play, because it is open in different times. I went to the sky twice and it was not open, so disappointed! Fat people still have an advantage in playing the slide, because of the weight, the slide is super fast, especially cool! Haha! Children's shallow slide area is actually quite easy to splash water, if the children are small, it is recommended that parents take a slip with safety! In fact, I don't think adults need to prepare their own swimming rings. Large slides have special swimming rings. There are also life jackets on the big pool. They are free. After wearing them, you can take us floating. Some of the staff on the slides have a bad attitude and consult them very impatient! In addition to tickets, the clothes cabinet 20 yuan, for 100 yuan, if there is no other consumption in the water world, refund a deposit 80 yuan. There are restaurants and snacks in the park, but the super expensive super hard ice is 15 yuan, a dollar for roasting sausage is 5 yuan...2, the amusement park area of the Exploration Kingdom Amusement Park at night, the amusement facilities are also open in time-sharing, are all transferred projects, Playing with dizzy head... The storm eye has never seen the opening, the jumping machine is occasionally open, the Ferris wheel is a bit old, and it is too hot to breathe.... The night game is not to check the number of games, the day game needs to scan the tourist QR code tickets, one project can only play once, Some projects need to be paid separately"