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Jiyang Lake Ecological Park

Jiyang Lake Ecological Park

4.6/5251 Reviews
"City Park"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Zhangjiagang Bika Binhu Park | Poyang Lake Ecological Park The Poyang Lake has gone many times. I always feel that the scenery is beautiful. The greening is very good. In the summer, there are large lotus, lotus, parent-child favorite beach 🏖, towering fir on the lake. The large area of the lake makes the view wide. When the weather is good, the scenery around it is very clear. It is also a good place for citizens to exercise ~Recommend a wave ~ ☀️ Poyang Lake Ecological Park 💰 free ⛰[A serious introduction to the Poyang Lake Ecological Park] Poyang Lake is located in the southern part of Zhangjiagang City, with an area of 1000 mu, which was excavated in 2000. In fact, the whole ecological park is divided into eight areas, namely Holiday Square, Luozhou Island, Holiday Park, Jinghu, Water Near Resort, Wetland and Financial Street. Recreation, entertainment, ecology, accommodation, food all have. The exploration is mainly on the east side of the lake, mainly for recreation. Enter from the main entrance on Jingang Avenue, pass Holiday Plaza, Holiday Park, and look at Luozhou Island. 👉🏼 holiday square Holiday Plaza has a cruise terminal, you can take a boat 🛶 to swim the lake (battery boat), and there is also a speedboat 🚤. The square or the parking lot of the helicopter 🚁, it feels that the drone's view should be beautiful! There is also a lakeside study, two floors of small buildings, basically no tea, but you can read a book, recommend a "Zhangjiagang Impression", I have seen in other exhibition halls, very good. 👉🏼 holiday park After the bridge behind the bookstore, you come to the Holiday Park. At present, there are lotus and lotus flowers, and they are interwoven into large stretches to the water further! There are also many small fish in the clear pool ~ Look at the super healing here! It is also a good place for parent-child interaction. Walking forward is the beach 🏖 ~ The child takes off his shoes and pants and soaks in the water, and plays with small buckets and spades. 👉🏼Ningluozhou Island Luozhou Island is a natural paradise built for wildlife and plants that tourists cannot visit. From the lake, you can see that the tower of the green island ~ is her mark. ℹ️Practical information 💡Best tour time: 16:30-19:00(No heat, photo is also better, good luck will encounter a beautiful sunset 🌅 scene ~)"