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Historic Sites
Huishan Ancient TownNearby City

Huishan Ancient Town

4.5/51762 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 105 reviews
"Ancient Settlement"
Ranked No. 11 in Wuxi Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 03/01-10/31,8:00am-5:30pm;Open from 11/01-2/28,8:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The Huishan ancient town in Wuxi is one of the oldest ancient towns in Wuxi. It is also the only street in the old neighborhood where the style of Wuxi is well preserved. The Huishan ancient town and Xihui Park are connected. They are generally played together in two areas, so that you can play for most of the day, in spring. The scenery in Xihui Park and Huishan Ancient Town is also very good, very suitable for spring green. The area connected by Huishan Ancient Town and Xihui Park is relatively old-fashioned on both sides. There is a stage at the junction called Embroidery Pavilion. When you meet holidays, there will be performances on the stage. Not far from the stage, is the most famous archway in Huishan ancient town, called the Jiediling archway, this is the first archway in Huishan ancient town, and also Wuxi since the founding of the largest archway, it is said that this archway is handed down from the Ming Dynasty, Therefore, it became the symbol of Huishan ancient town. The outer part of Huishan Ancient Town is good, then go to the streets of the ancient town to see it, Huishan Ancient Town Street, mainly to the temple and shop, I saw more than 10 temples, these temples are from the Tang Dynasty capital Republic of China period temples. On the street, there is a Huishan Cultural Exhibition Hall, which is free to visit, which introduces the history of the ancient town of Huishan, the largest of which is the Qing Dynasty emperors often come here, so it is famous, if there is time to visit the scenic spots, You can see a few emperors. And the shop, mainly to catering, Wuxi special snacks, such as soup bags, porridge here is still a lot of see, Huishan ancient town has a special snack, is the bean flower, taste is good. When you walk to the riverside of the old town, you will be attracted by the scenery here, the river is very calm, the leaves on both sides are very dense, the tourists are not many time is a very traditional Jiangnan ancient town scene, there are some tea rooms on the riverside, sit down to enjoy a pot of tea, enjoy a leisurely slow life. Tips1, entering the ancient town does not need to provide health code, entering the scenic area is required to provide health code, Wuxi health code is called "Xikang code," which can be operated on WeChat. 2. Some of the temples in Huishan Ancient Town are open. For locals, they are sacred places. Don't make a noise. Visitors with children are not recommended. 3. The roads in the ancient town are mostly stone roads, which are fairly even, but if you take children, you don't need to take the baby stroller, which is very inconvenient to push up. Entrance fee is not required for Huishan Ancient Town, but if you want to visit cultural relics and historic sites, you need tickets. Tickets for cultural relics and historic sites are 70 yuan. The opening time for the Huishan Ancient Town area is open year-round. The opening time of the scenic spot 7:00-16:30 There is no subway around Huishan Ancient Town, but there are quite a lot of bus lines to Huishan Ancient Town. There are bus 4/15/43/75 and more than a dozen lines. If you drive yourself, it is not recommended to stop the Huishan Ancient Town parking lot. The parking space is small. It is recommended to park the parking lot in Xihui Park. There are many parking spaces. It can be reached by walking for 10 minutes."
TianpingshanNearby City


4.6/54615 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 37 reviews
"Historical Site"
Ranked No. 8 in Suzhou Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"It is worth a visit. There are many things to say about the beautiful scenery, the poetry, and the commemoration of the ancestors. The electronic tour guide can talk about a rough one, here say some precautions. 1. Traffic. Very convenient, about 3km away from the subway line 1 Mudu Station, out of the station (recommended at the exit 5) take a taxi to the south gate of the scenic spot 10-20min drive, recommend a taxi, fast, the price is around 11-15 yuan, do not recommend the bus, the car is too long. Driving, there is a parking lot on the east side of the South Gate, on the ground, the parking space is limited, and there may be no parking space for holidays. 2. Tickets. It is convenient to buy on, but be aware that → You can buy it for the day before 15:00 on the same day, and only buy it for the next day after 15:00. At the same time, the whole scenic area is an electronic ticket, swipe the ID card, must bring an ID card, otherwise you will have to go a lot of process is very troublesome! 3. Time. The main door is closed at 17:00 on the same day, leaving the side door open, for the tourists who have not yet left the park to use it, and are not allowed to enter. 4. Mountaineering. The overall difficulty is not big, there are a few stone steps more difficult, but there are handrails can borrow. Pure climbing up all the way to the top in half an hour, half play half climbing 1 and a half hours almost. 5. necessities. Water, mosquito repellent products, sunscreen, sporting trousers (physical anti-mosquito), shoes with good grip on the ankle, gloves (recommended pair), first aid kit (disinfection cotton stick, gauze, band-aid, anti-allergy drugs, etc.) 6. There are many small scenery under the mountain to simply stroll around, as a relaxation after going down the mountain is very good. . . Well, write it here first. What can be added later. In short, it is very good."