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Religious Sites
Yongqing Temple

Yongqing Temple

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Open from 7:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"There is a whole area of the whole area of the tour called Phoenix Town, in the town can soak in hot springs, go shopping, climb Phoenix Mountain, and more Heyang Shange culture and dazzling Buddhist temple Yongqing Temple. I didn't expect Yongqing Temple to be the most impressive place in Phoenix Town Tourism, really, after entering the first is cautious, to the back is only "wow"! ⛰[A formal introduction to the attractions] Yongqing Temple was first built in the Chiwu years of Dongwu, and the building of Lu Xu Ben House of Yushi Si was expanded in the second year of Datong, the Southern Chaoyang Dynasty. It is more than 1700 years ago. Yongqing Temple is one of the four hundred and eighty temples in the Southern Dynasties. It was once known as the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang and Hanshan Temple in Suzhou. 💗Recommended reasons: There are 16 statues of Luohan in the Luohan Temple in the temple, the "Three Deaths" millennium ancient temple, the bodhisattva of the body and the natural stone well. Entering one temple after another, the statues are becoming more elaborate and more shocking. Remembering one statue is a whole wall of hundreds of Lohans behind it, and three Buddha statues of Shakyamuni are in the Grand Palace, with a tall three-sided statue of Guanyin. Nine Feng wall and countless Maitreya Buddha gold statue. I went to the wind is very big, the result did not hear the "Heyang ten scenes" called "Xiaosi bells," but heard the sound of the copper bells under the flying Wenchang Pavilion, even if far away, has been echoing in the ear, dumbbells, dumbbells are quite good. 💰 Tickets: 20 yuan (there is no ticket sold online at present, only on-site purchase) After purchasing the tickets, 3 incense will be given free of charge, which can be used in front of the Temple of Heaven. 🕙Opening time:07:00-16:30📍Detailed address: Fenghuangshan South Foot of Fenghuang Mountain, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou City 🚗Transportation Caption: Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area has a free bus from Zouzhuang Ancient Street - Heyangshan Geguan - Yongqing Temple, you can take a free bus, you can also take a bus 226, 213, 231 get off at Yongqing Temple or Yongqing Temple West Station. 📌 Small Tips: Yongqing Temple is best not to take the statue of the Buddha in the temple. There will be monks in the temple to regularly take classes, do not disturb them. The color in the temple will be colorful and the photos will be very special."