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Weiran Flower FieldNearby City

Weiran Flower Field

4.2/5543 Reviews
"Flower Fields"
Open from 1/1-12/31,9:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Cost-effective! We are going 9.29, there are discounts, 49 yuan per person, including Huahai, free projects and eight choices, it is recommended to go on a sunny day. 1. There is artificial snow behind the billboard of Ice and Snow Park. It is suitable for summer. It is very cool. Children can make snowmen and so on. It is free (Figure 1). There is a game for children to play, test coordination ability, and of course adults can play it (Figure 2). Didn't take a few photos, the project should have a dozen, all free. 3. The scenery is good, there is a sightseeing train, (Figure 4.5.6 is the scenery on the small train) the flowers are beautiful, every season has a full variety, all over the mountains (Figure 7). There are small windmills. It's a short time. I don't enjoy it. Haha 5. There are three people, four people, more bicycles, electric cars, the price is about 30RMB/h, different types of prices are different, a little expensive, you can choose to drive yourself or find a driver 6. There is food, You can play in it for a day (for example, Figure 8, 10 yuan a bowl, taste good, pepper is not spicy and very fragrant, suitable for non-spicy foreigners). 7. Another few, Rainbow Bridge, Glass Bridge, not belong to the eight-choice three projects, more expensive (Figure 9). Road (Figure 10). The rides at the top of the mountain are all above the facilities (Fig. 11, 8, 3, all above) the winding paths to the quiet (Fig. 12) dishes (Fig. 13)"