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Gaohuai VillageNearby City

Gaohuai Village

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Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Hi I am lost, National Day avoids running congestion, choose the surrounding relaxation and fun friends are blessed! This FUN wild party is a combination of fun elements such as camping, cultural creation, music festival. More than 1 hour from the North Gate of Chengdu, Deyang Wanghong Village, time limit is 7 days, hurry up the time to rush! .Activities: FUN wild earth party! College students country music festival address: Gaoyue village, Xiangyang District, Deyang City, group 1 sorghum lawn time: Sept. 30-October 6. Features: return to the countryside, light camping, good afternoon tea time cultural creation market, super rich DIY commodity limited time music festival, super high-flame scene atmosphere, Release the pressure special food snacks, the happy net red village of food goods more interesting shops can go to eat play rainbow war, custom T-shirt + rainbow powder package, super unpacking happy! FUN Wild Earth Party Gaochun Students Country Music Festival Tips: Time: 10.1-10.6 Day 19:00-22:30 Tickets: 99 yuan (including music festival, food and drinks, T-shirts and other benefits) to go to the music festival on holiday ~ Multi-variety style, cool atmosphere, fashionable and popular lawn music festival layout, Choice of young pie ~. Camping tips: Tickets: ① Entry fee of 50 yuan per person, children under 1 meter duty-free, adult cocktail cup; ② Free entry with FUN Wild Earth Party Entrance Ticket, free cocktail cup; ③14:00-15:00 This area is only available for the camp of the FUN Wild Earth Party, which is full of tickets. It is not necessary to drive for a few hours. It is in the autumn wind under the sky, drinking afternoon tea, traveling with three or five friends/family, cool and relaxing, and the first choice for light travel today~ Warm Tips: Pay attention to mosquito control · More time-consuming friends can choose to visit this creative village ~ There are many folk gods studios here, such as: Sanmao Taoshe, Gaochun Academy, Dianyunshan Room, Deyang Chao fan, Folk Little Courtyard, Bodhisattva Gaochun Woodcarving, Mountain Car Club... There is always a place you like ~ Travel Grass | Food Shop | Fashion Life Series Continuously updated, we will see ~ # Mid-Autumn Day Day Cards & Visiting Chengdu # A perfect camping FUN Wild Earth Party | Where to play on National Day | Cheng All around the tour | camping season | music festival"