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Religious Sites
Ruiguang Pagoda of Huaikou

Ruiguang Pagoda of Huaikou

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"Other Places of Worship"
"Jintang and Qingbaijiang are among the most difficult surrounding counties in Chengdu. They belong to places that have not been visited for a long time after they played bad. Today's Ruiguang Tower and Kema Town refreshed my understanding of the lower limit of Jintang. Ruiguang Tower is one of the 34 state-protected people in Chengdu, and is in the second center of Jintang. The Golden Hall is the only place I have seen a county-level administrative district that has developed two centers, from the entrance to the main city of the Golden Hall is close to 30 km drive, I am a bit drunk on the strange. More drunk is to see the Ruiguang Tower by Jintang County, after the splendid dazzling, is more angry feelings overflowing, 10, 000 grass mud horse heart run past. 1. Location: Tongkou City, very high, very far away can see, because there is no tall house in Tongkou, Jingzhou New Town is a town after all. 2. Opening time: 9 to 5. 3. Look at: (1) Ruiguang Tower. In the Ruiguang Temple, built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, has been over 1600 years of history, the Southern Song Dynasty has been trained, and later repeated, but basically no major changes, 1600 years really lasting and new, sit and watch the river flowing forever. But the old sha x jin tang was restored to the new, looking like a few years ago repaired the defect. I felt sick after a glance, the pigs destroyed it. Besides the crack in the middle and a little trace of history, there is no other feeling. Madam, I cursed in my heart countless words. The tower was originally hollow, above the upper layer said to have frescoes, these are of course locked up, I scolded a few more. This time, was pitted, looked at a lonely. (2) As for the Ruiguang Temple, it is also a thousand-year-old temple, the Grand Palace's forehead is written by You Ren, according to the calculation of the temple, but the actual small, and relatively run-down, located in the city, should not be so. Many temples are under repair, heaped some building materials, there is no people and incense fire, no highlights to speak of. One star, for the great restoration families of the Golden Hall, beautifully done!! Ollie Give!!!"