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"In the great temple grotto in Yongjing County, Linxia, the ancients called the Tang Shuku Grottoes, that is, the mysterious place, to see the caves deep cliffs and cliffs of the topography, really true. From Lanzhou to Yuling Temple, you need to go to Liujiaxia first. The downtown bus location is at Lanzhou West Bus Station. The ticket to Liujiaxia is 19.5 yuan/person. After getting off the bus at Liujiaxia, you are very close to the reservoir. You can take a taxi to the reservoir at the starting price. You still have to take a boat to get from the reservoir to Fuling Temple. The large cruise ship is 65 yuan / person, the small speedboat is 125 yuan / person, and the tickets for Fuling Temple are 50 yuan / person. The scenic spot is relatively big, the tour time is about one and a half hours to two hours. It takes seven or eight hours to get back and forth, so if you want to go from Lanzhou early. When you enter the temple, there are mountains on the left, like knifes and axes, steep and tall, in different shapes, or like sisters or couples; On the right is the lake, the lake is shimmering, the lake is a green field, the shore formed a shoal, the middle of the shoal there is a bay of lake water, a few local children in swimming and play, really a vivid landscape painting. It seems that the ancient site is really elegant. After entering the grotto area, we should follow a long path. The path staggers along the mountains, years will between the mountains into sandy valley, walking in the vast mountains and valleys, you feel the world has gone, empty grottoes cliffs. Some of the grottoes were buried underground during the construction of the power station, so there were signs missing. After a few minutes of walking, grottoes began to appear. There were caves, stone carvings and mud carvings from the Western Qin, Northern Wei and Tang and Song dynasties. "Caves of all shapes were covered with cliffs, some of which were naturally formed, some of which were made shallow holes, others of deep caves, some of which were made holes, and others were made over them, so that the time-consuming and dangerous practice of the Buddhism at that time was evident." The prosperity of the temple of the zen ling. There are other heavens and earths in the cave. Some are on the top of the cave, some are on the four walls, some are on the ground, still between the heavens and the earth. The statues and the frescoes of each dynasty are different. Personally appreciate the statue of the Tang Dynasty, the face is round and dignified, the body is beautiful and full, giving people a graceful, but also vibrant feeling. Some actually still retain some colors, it is amazing. See people really want to dream back to the Tang Dynasty, taste the style of the Silk Road in the great Tang Dynasty. Although the path is long, but eventually there is a head, but the heart has not willing, such a beautiful scenery, grotto art deep treasure really should not be destroyed in other scenery, if you come to Gansu, don't forget to have such a long history, valuable ancient site."