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Najing Yangtze River Legend Series CruiseNearby City

Najing Yangtze River Legend Series Cruise

4/533 Reviews
"Boat Tour"
Closed on Mon;Open on Tue-Fri,3:00pm-5:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,10:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"I went with my mother and father on Mother's Day. I was too busy at work. They also thought that I would rest on the weekend. Every time I said that I went out to walk, I refused it. It was strange. This time they took the initiative to drag me to go to a cruise. . . I started to 😵, where did the cruise come from Nanjing? I still am uninformed? They are very excited to say take me to the bridge, say to see what people muuyan what public number, I look really, I think about the 8th birthday of mother, 9th mother's day, 9th accompany her and Laojiao go, early, Lao Guo Jianzhi, look! Oh, it's really OK, mom stinks and beauty 😁 lobby atmosphere, people are coming later, the atmosphere is really good, mainly the bridge, suppress me, no wonder mom they are coming, Nanjing's human feelings still have drops, stop the guide word more proud, not easy, finally have a cruise ship in their own territory, Really good, the waiter is also enthusiastic, and later was asked for a coupon, it seems that I have been careful, the small details are improving, the company still respects the customer experience. Worth praise. I thought that my basin friend was the first to sit on the Yangtze River legend. I didn't expect my old brother to live nearby and take night pictures. It is said that there is a night flight in the future. I look forward to it. . . When PS left, I saw a sunset, a happy day for the whole family. Maybe this is the magic of legend."