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Denmark, the place with the highest global happiness index. You don't even need to look at the data that is accurate to a few decimal places, because the bright smile on the way to the pedestrian has already given the answer. Walk in the streets of Copenhagen, look around, in addition to the individual iconic ancient castles, there are few high-rise buildings. You can see that the pedestrians on the road are generally slow and there seems to be nothing to worry about. Since the closing time of shops in the Nordic region is relatively early, after six o'clock in the evening, few pedestrians can be seen on the road. Of course, they don't enjoy the neon lights like the Chinese, because most of the time is the time for their family gatherings, and few people are hanging out. Walking on the Baltic coast, you can see many tourists coming and going. The little girl attracted me. When she saw her first sight, she was stretching and her mouth was so big that she could eat it. lion. Even if there are no other playmates around, she is also happy to play alone. Seeing that she shot her, she shyly turned around and ran to her mother. But the next second is jumping with impunity, full of innocence. Continue along the Longdi Park, passing an old building, standing in front of the building with a bronze statue of David. David's body is rusty, and his proud body seems to be less attractive. Force, but for those who have not seen the deity, I am still interested in turning around it, but its really a bit of "beautiful"
Although the Carlsberg Museum has a small collection of small collections, its value is quite high, and Manets The Man Who Drinks Absinthe is here. Its hard to realize that the painting is so large. The size was basically only for the upper class, but Manet painted a destitute drunkard, which has no meaning in the eyes of the school. The rules of the paintings that the school sent to pay attention to, the Mannai was not satisfied, took the painting to participate in the salon selection, of course, the salon refused to dismiss. Manai is rebellious than I am, but instead of compromising, it has intensified. A few years later, the great work The Lunch on the Grass and Olympia were born, and Manet became one of the leaders of a group of rebellious artists. Later, this group of rebellious artists launched the first movement in the history of art - the formation of Impressionism. Speaking of "Olympia", many people say that Manet borrowed Goya's Maha and Musk's Venus. Just a few days ago, I saw a Swedish painter's "Danae and Golden Rain" at the Swedish National Museum. I felt that it was exactly the same as "Olympia". I don't know if Manet has used it. Finally, although I really like this museum, I have to say that the French painting exhibition area is not well-lit, especially this one who has great significance in art history, "The Man Who Drinks Absinthe", at the top right of the picture. Originally it was a large area of dark color, but it lacked a light source, and the visual effect was very bad. The photo was even more unbalanced. In another room, Degas was copied to one of more than 20 identical bronze replicas, but was separately displayed and pulled the cordon.
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