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Museum of Han Guangling KingNearby City

Museum of Han Guangling King

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"Convenient transportation, lots of surrounding attractions, and scenic spots that are easily incorporated into the planned route. For those who enjoy archaeology, it is recommended to find a guide to get a more detailed understanding of the artifacts. This is the largest, the highest form, the most exquisite craftsmanship exhibition in the Han tomb unearthed in China. According to the idea of life and death, the design of the tomb room shows the life of Liu Xie and the queen. Because the tomb owner is the longest life of the king of Guangling, the tomb built for 36 years, plus Yangzhou's economic development, the climate conditions at that time, yellow bowels are used more than a thousand years of gold silk, into the exhibition hall can smell the unique fragrance, Although the experience of the millennium is still rich in flavor. Exhibits are true, because the excavation is Nanjing archaeological chaired, many cultural relics are "borrowed" away, but the variety is limited. The treasure of Zhenguan is the bronze wheel frame of Fig. 8, the shape of the rafter (the earliest wedge of the ground bull) with a rounded axle outside and inside, used to move huge yellow bowels to make up wood pieces, the national leader had pushed with foreign guests, even can turn. There was a pair, but... also by the superior museum "borrow" left. Say a little regret: the ability of the cultural insurance is not in place, the dehydration of the wood shrinks badly, combined with the damage of excavation, can not see the blade in the year of the tight state, can only imagine a through photographs, models of a brick with gold, A huge and tightly woven palace. The guide's words can be more detailed in wood making, explaining the tools of the year."