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Geological Sites
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
sculptorThe Giant's Road is an area of about 40,000 chained basalt columns in Antrim County on Northern Ireland's northern coast. The tops of the columns form stepping stones that are drawn from the cliff's feet and disappear on the sea floor. Most of the pillars are hexagonal, though some have four, five, seven or eight sides. The highest height is about 12 meters and the solidified lava on the cliff is 28 meters thick.
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City Park
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易茜韵楹Visiting the Bushmills distillery learned a lot about Irish whiskey and Ireland, which has a history of more than 400 years. You will learn about the family history and how they make whiskey. After you have a comparison and how to taste whiskey correctly, you can go to the gift shop to buy it.
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陌染MMCarrick-a-Rede Bridge is a famous attraction in Northern Ireland, strolling on narrow swaying boards, holding tightly on the railings, which hang 80 feet above the sea and connecting both ends to the steep cliffs. The Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, built between cliffs on Northern Ireland's fragmented coastline, was originally designed simply because fishermen wanted to cross the cliff to fish on another cliff. At first, only one side of the cable bridge was provided with guardrails. Whenever the winds were blowing, the rickety body seemed to always throw people to the side without guardrails. Now, for safety reasons, the other side of the bridge was also provided with guardrails, even though the waves were still beating against the cliffs. It is often very windy here, because there are empty places everywhere, and there are cliffs, so the wind is particularly good. If you come to visit the attractions, hope is that the wind can be a little smaller, because the suspension bridge hangs, the wind will make the bridge shake left and right, people will lose their center of gravity. I went on a very windy day, but on the return journey, I was crossing the bridge with a group of young foreign men, they were playing, and shook the arms on both sides, making the suspension bridge rocking particularly hard on both sides, I shouted to them to stop, Then even the guards at both ends called to let them stop, and then quickly came to the shore. Scared to death, I really dare not look down, the abyss. The suspension bridge, due to the problem of bearing capacity, can only allow one way, both ends have staff always guarded, after a period of time put the end of the tourists past, then see which side of the tourists up, and put which side of the people past, repeatedly.
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juki235This castle has a history of more than 400 years. It is located in the Antrim District of Northern Ireland and is one of the most famous castles in Britain. The castle was built on a cliff by the sea, and it looked like an ancient military fortress. Although it is now dilapidated, it is not difficult to imagine that at that time he was a strong fortress for defending the coastline, and must have important military significance.
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Golf Course

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