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Things To Do in Changle

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Art District
lingliziFriends from Beijing come to see our famous high-tech vegetable demonstration park in Shouguang, drive to Shouguang City, LA Street, a long way to see the sculpture at the intersection, turn right a little. This is the home of the annual food fair, the exhibition shows many advanced agricultural technology varieties, is set the science and technology development, science popular education, technology training, experiment demonstration, seedling breeding and so on as a multi-functional vegetable science and technology demonstration base. Because a friend still took two children who had not been to school, he went to the pick garden and picked open-air strawberries 🍓, cherries, mulberry. The children had too much fun, and they were eating full mouths. They didn't want to leave 😄
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Theme Park
E39***28It’s a nice place to go. There are lots of attractions including a roller coaster that goes into the water and people are welcoming with foreigners.
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zhou昔昔I thought that this ticket price is a bit expensive. It's too good to buy after visiting. It's very good to go shopping, there are many animals, the scenery is good, you should have a year card, nothing to take your children to play.
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lingliziShiyan Garden, also called Dingjia Garden, is located in Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, Hujiapaifang Street No. 49, the area of about 2000 square meters, because the land is very few, it was called "Ten Tablets", so it was named "Shiyan Garden". In 1988, Shiyan Garden was promulgated by the State Council as the third batch of national key cultural relics protection units It is also a famous attraction in Weifang, and the adult ticket is 22 yuan.
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梅兰竹菊6666Qingzhou is a place you go and want to go. The famous scenic spot Yunmen Mountain is very worth a visit, Cangsong Cuibai, beautiful scenery, especially the grottoes stone carving art, reached a fairly high standard.
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Geological Sites
发现昌乐的美One of the features of Changle. The volcanoes here are more powerful than the volcanoes south of the Tongu Mountains, and after recent years of development and construction, they have become a geological park. There are six-prised volcanic rocks, these black rocks stand upright, close together, arranged in an unconventional way, let one cannot help but admire the magic of nature. If you are lucky, you may still find a volcanic stone with sapphire embedded, but the probability is very small. If you want to find a gem, I suggest you go to another landscape in Changle -- Fangshan, the main production area of Changle sapphire.