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linxieyinIt is called Xiaojiuzhai and strives to create 5A a large number of self-driving tourists. Tickets are 80 yuan (60-69 years old and half price), traffic car is 50 yuan. Tickets are purchased online and the code is entered. Go into the ditch without parking directly to the Tianmen, to the inside about 4 kilometers to walk to the Guan Getian Waterfall (to the development of the inside, in the future to two rivers to take a cableway across the original forest to goose Mangou). Stop at the ditch, you can get off to play the attractions. Between the two ditches, the scenic bus (10 yuan) has been opened, the whole point of departure. The original ticket can play goose mangou, take the traffic car into the goose, when the goose can stop the attractions to play. There is also a bus in and out of the urban bus station (Guanzhu goukou 2 yuan, goose mangou gou 6 yuan).
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Memorial Hall
LHCYHadapu Red Army Long March Memorial Hall, located in the town of Hadapu on the national highway 212 line. From September 1935 to October 1936, the great Red Army of China, the Red Army of the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red The Red Army of the Second and Fourth Army launched the "Chenghui Liangkang" campaign and the "Xiangxi Gu" campaign plan in Hadapu in the following year, and carried out the work of building government in the Red Army. Hadapu is the "big decision-making place" that decides the fate of the Red Army Long March, and is the "gas station" that is really the name on the Long March. The Hadapu Long March Memorial Hall is a "national patriotism education demonstration base" and "the site experience teaching point of Yan'an Cadre College of China". The five sites are "the national key cultural relics protection unit". The scenic area is one of the 100 scenic spots of the "red tourism" in the country. The Red Army Long March Street of Hadapu was selected as the top 16. At the same time, it was also the model base of patriotism education, the model base of national defense education and the practice base of Party sex education for Party members and cadres in Gansu province. After years of construction and development, the Hadapu Memorial Hall of the Red Army Long March has become an important classroom for promoting the spirit of the Long March, spreading positive energy and promoting the practice of the core values of socialism.
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大龙哥哥August to October, it is best to go in September. The flower sea is very beautiful ~~~Some are still under construction. Driving can take the lock and go up through the dam, it is very convenient, and it is also free of tickets, very good ~
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286***11First time to Lahushan, did not think that the altitude is so high, took a bus for a full hour, and carefully. But after the scenery is very good, the air is very fresh, breathing is very comfortable, all is the prairie, not many people live here, I heard that only 60 families in total, can picnic, can graze, can ride a horse singing, but it is recommended to go early, otherwise it is not easy to walk in the dark.
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大龙哥哥Celbu is located in the black trench on the north side of Miban Township, Zhouqu County, with steep inland terrain, narrow gully mouth, open inland terrain, beautiful mountains and water, dense forests, intact vegetation, beautiful topography and landscape, beautiful natural scenery, intact preservation of continental temperate zone, Various plant communities in the cold temperate ecosystem. At the same time, the area has a long history and a deep historical figure landscape. Few tourists visit Celbu, one is inconvenient, there is no direct tour bus, and the other is not well known. Fortunately, I have work to do in the black ditch, for celbu, I think the scenery is better than many paid scenic spots, springs, streams, original deep forests, temples, especially rare is the black ditch both Tibetan and Han villages, two different cultures interweave together, its fun. I have created two small poems in Self. Zhouqu Self (Black Ditch) white dragons stretching steep bald hills, unknown deep holes. Colorful mulberry fragrance road, Qingxi turn sweet water. Rich soil green and green, pine forests are more in the white clouds. Drunk smoke forgets the guest, originally is the Tibetan township Xiaojiangnan. After the rain watch the stream early rest a clear, the turbid stream has been galloping, sandy anger twittering thousands of snow, the only wood still smiles Qingfeng.

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