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Things To Do in Daxing'anling

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E45***85This is the place to be. There's plenty to see in the village and from here you can plan treks to other sites like the Santa Claus House, the nothernmost point in China, and elsewhere. But be warned! Things aren't as close as they seem to be. Trip.com says Santa Claus village is 210 meters from the place where I stayed, but it's more like 25 km. The northernmost point in China is many more kilometers away and, after a certain point, there is no cell phone signal (so, bring plenty of cash). But in this "North Pole Village" you'll find the northernmost post office (an attraction in itself) and you can buy blueberry products made in the Mohe area (like blueberry wine).
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吉仑太Go to Mohe by yourself, you don't need to find a travel agency. Harbin has a direct flight to Mohe, and the train can also be directly reached. The place to live can be booked on Trip.com, and the hotel grades can be determined according to your financial situation. As for the food expensive, it is true, but expensive not for tourists, local people buy food is also expensive, because the local climate is cold, vegetables transport costs too high. Living in the Mohe is usually temporary, the destination is the Arctic village. Mohe to the Arctic Village can take a tourist bus, (50 meters from the airport to the Arctic Village bus) can also charter cars, charter prices of 150 to 300. Local taxis can be chartered. Hotel can help to contact. In addition, the local restaurant chicken mushrooms do not eat, the ingredients are chicken shelf, all bones.
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E45***85Expect to climb some stairs - a lot of them! But once you get to the top, you'll see some wonderful views. Your transportation will take you to a certain point and, from there, you have to take a special designated bus to go here and to China's northernmost point (110 RMB to go to both).
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素鳶Mohebei Red Village, the northernmost end of China in real sense, the coordinates are slightly norther than the Arctic Village! It takes four or five hours to drive to the North Pole Village, and only three hours to take the Heilongjiang Airlines! A stone tablet on the northernmost border of China and Russia is directly above. Congratulations, find the north. . . Not far behind is the main channel of Heilongjiang, that is, the Sino-Russian border. Chinese soldiers patrolling the border: China and Russia handle illegal entry, China at most is repatriation, Russia's praise: across the border to grab, catch, sentence, run, shoot, resistance directly kill I just dare to stretch out one foot across the border ... Finally the view from the sun setting and I don't know if it was caused by the light or halo reflected from the snow
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Uncle_FengziIt's a bit like a large science and technology museum, where you can learn a lot of things and gain knowledge. You can also understand the Daxinganling fire that shocked the world in 1987. Daxinganling Resource Museum, with a construction area of 2,800 square meters. Daxinganling Resource Museum is a AAA-level tourist spot in Heilongjiang Province and a patriotic education base in Heilongjiang Province. The facilities in the museum fully display the rich forests, wetlands, wild animals and plants, water, minerals and other resources and ecological landscapes in my country's cold temperate forest areas, reflecting the spirit of working hard and breaking through the alpine forbidden zone in Daxinganling, and paying attention to the display of science and education. , Knowledgeable, interesting, and participatory, with a complete multi-language explanation and computer query and multimedia presentation system. The Daxinganling Resource Museum is to inspire people to care for nature and love Daxinganling, establish awareness of protecting the living environment and natural ecological environment, and strengthen patriotism An important place for education.
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E45***85This is about 25 km from Beiji "North Pole Village". There is also a Christmas-themed post office and a Snow White Village. This is a must-see for any trip to Mohe.