Feng County
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扶疏子Tongtianhe National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, Qinling South Fengfeng County, 90 kilometers from Baoji City, 41 kilometers from Fengxian County, 31 kilometers from Baohan Road. The park area is 5235 hectares. The topography is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, the highest altitude is 2738.7m and the lowest altitude is 1,580m, the forest cover is 98.6%, and there is a vast natural forest vegetation landscape.
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扶疏子The Zibai Mountain Scenic Area is located in the southern part of Baoji Feng County, Shaanxi Province, known as "Qinhuai Throat, Hanbei Lock Key". It spans Nanxing Township and Wafangba Township in Fengxian County, with a total area of 82.5 square kilometers, with the mountain ditch between Zibai Mountain, Xiongjia Mountain and Wuliang Mountain as the main body. It is centered on the zhaopigo and the swallow ping in the tile roof of the nanxing township, and it is characterized by the forest of Mt. purple cypress, the grassland of the top of the mountain, the karst cave group of the swallow ping, and the mountain pasture.
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M696Guyi Cultural Tourism Industry Demonstration Park is located in Caodian Village, Shuangshipu Town, the location of Fengxian County. The demonstration area is planned and built according to the national 5A level scenic spot standard. It mainly includes the ancient building groups along the river, Jinsha ancient city, Stone Yaozhai, Lingguan Gorge rafting, performing arts center, Yi nationality style garden, Holiday Inn of the Yi nationality...
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M696Fengfei Feng dance, a large-scale national dance poem of Fenghuang Lake Scenic Area, is based on the historical records of ancient Yao culture and the customs of the Yao people in Fengxian County. In this vivid performance, the magnificent children of the Yao people, and the songs of the children sang emotionally. The skirt danced with water, wrote the landscape with singing, depicted the beautiful home with dancing, and displayed the national characteristics with costumes, fully displayed the "Phoenix Town, the source of Jialing, the hometown of the Yi" cultural style paintings.
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Outdoor skiing
yuanhang120Good, I have been to a few times, I feel very good, I recommend everyone to feel it in person, give praise!
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扶疏子The scenic spot has a strong cultural history. It is named after the Phoenix totem of the Chinese nation. It has been in Spring and Autumn for more than 6000 years since ancient times. It has been one of the birthplaces and settlements of the Qiang people since ancient times. The legend of Phoenix, Nuwa, Diqiang migration and other allusions and legends and Chen Canggu The plank road, the ancient battlefield of the Song and Jin Dynasties, the former site of the "Gonghe" movement, and other historical relics, have a profound cultural heritage and unique folk customs, enjoying the reputation of the hometown of the Phoenix and the hometown of the Qiang nationality. One of the important locations of the International Gung Ho Movement.

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