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Things To Do in Gannan

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碉堡的九哥#Zhayana Scenic Area 📍 Location: Yiwa Town, Diebu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 💯 Recommended Index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🕒 Open Time: Open Full-day 🎫 Tickets: 80🌟 Featured highlights: Where is Dad going to shoot the location, the "Limit Challenge" shooting location in the clouds and fog, the paradise of the hiker, the birthplace of Adam and Eve, Feel the labor and life of the local Tibetan people and the simplicity of the original Tibetan village here. 🚌 Traffic Raiders: ⃣️ Lanzhou South Bus Station to Diebu County 08:40, 9:40, 10:20 every day. There are buses, the whole journey is about 8 hours, about 30 kilometers from Teibu County to Zhayana, and about 100 yuan per car. 2⃣️: Self-driving tour of Zhayana scenic spot road conditions compared to test technology. 3⃣️: It is recommended to charter a car to go, there are Gannan five-day tour route, three-day tour route, seven-day tour route, save your mind and effort. 📝TIPS: The local people are simple, go to Zhayana Tourism Suggested to live in Zhayana Village, the peak season needs to book in advance, the hotel in the scenic area can choose. 🚗Gannan 5-day tour ring road route recommendation: Day1⃣:️ Lab Temple of Lanzhou Xiahe (240KM) Xiangsangke Grassland Qiganjia Secret Area Qidong Swiss Langmu Temple (184KM). Day2⃣:️Langmu Temple-China's second largest grassland Ruoergai Grassland-Jiuqu Yellow River sunset (141KM)Day3⃣️:Tangke Yuhua Lake Yuzhayana (200KM)Day4⃣️:Zhayana Yuehaiyu Cooperation Nine-storey Foge (251KM)Day5⃣️: Cooperation Yulanzhou (218KM)#Gannan Tourism Raider |#Zhayana Scenic Area Tourism Raider |# Zhayana
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lilyWofeng went, because it is not the most beautiful season, we chartered the farm. There were no other tourists on the whole trip. It is said that 20 battery cars can't run non-stop in the peak season. The mountain roads are rugged and the drivers should be careful. The overall scenery is still good. Overall great,
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E29***70Stunning monastery. it’s worth it to do the English guided tour with a monk, which is included in the ticket price. Just be aware that you will be asked a lot of philosophical questions such as “what is the truth?” 🤣
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山在穷游The territory of the heart, the beautiful Sanke Grassland ←_← The scenery that everyone wants to see when we come to Gannan is the grassland, and the nearest grassland to Labrang Temple is the Sanke grassland. Many friends will worry that they are free to come here without a car, how to get to the Sanke grassland. In fact, it is very simple, there is a bus at the entrance of Labrang Temple, but the bus will be less, casually take a look, soon will be stopped, because there are too many township bus will pull you to that side, the price is not expensive. If you do get a chance to get here, you'll find it worth a look at the hard traffic as swarms of cattle are on the road, with blue skies and white clouds, endless lawns and invisible wetlands.
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National Park
lyn0919"Pipa" is "small" meaning, but the Bohai Sea is the largest freshwater lake in Gannan, is also an important wetland in the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as "Plateau small pearl". In Bohai Sea, you can walk along the slate road and plank road, from the grassland to the lake, the end of the plank road has two floors of viewing platform, climbing to overlook the deep blue mirror lake water and the snowy peak grass in the distance. In summer, wild flowers spread in the endless grassland, lakeside flocks of birds in the water and meadow between the rise and fall, showing a particularly pure scenery. Early summer blue waves appear colorful, wetland on the wooden plank, as if connecting the path of the world, stunning and dazzling!
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M29***62Lianhuashan National Forest Park is located in Bajiao Township in the northern part of Lintan County. It is a sacred place shared by Buddhism and Taoism, as well as a summer resort. It is located 15 kilometers to the east of Yeliguan Town, 58 kilometers to the north of Kangle County, 170 kilometers to the provincial capital Lanzhou, 177 kilometers to the west, 170 kilometers to the east and 170 kilometers to the west, with roads extending in all directions. The absolute height of the summit is 3578 meters and the relative height is 1300 meters.