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Things To Do in Gaoyou

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杰杰陶TAOThe city of Gaoyou is an ancient city in 2014, which was listed as a world cultural heritage (the important part of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which is the 46th World Heritage Site in China). It was built in the east of Nanmen Street (south historical and cultural district of takayu Jo Castle), Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, in the Ming Dynasty, and was a postal postal postal building that remains in the Ming Dynasty as the largest and best preserved ancient postal station in China. Yao, ancient food, water and other mouths of the garden. Xiangcheng, another name of Gaoyou, taken from the Song Dynasty ci people Qin Shaoyou description of hometown "go town like a replica" poem, Xiangcheng Xiang, so named. Now the national key cultural relics protection unit. The ancient Xiangcheng Xiang is an important node in the five district planning of Gaoyou tourism, and it is an important scenic spot to show the characteristics of Gaoyou ancient, text, post and water tourism, and also an important tourist attraction of Gaoyou. In 1993, the People's Government of Gaoyou City insisted on the restoration of the Xiangcheng District, and on this basis, the only postmark museum in China was established to give Guyao a resplendent impression. Also, the first Xiangcheng District opened 98 years earlier than the Xiangcheng District.
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小乙Choose a weekend to go to the lake reed swamp park. Cross the bridge of the first. You can come to this wetland park, ticket 60 yuan including the yacht and wetland park. This is a small attraction, suitable for weekend with friends or a family to relax, just in the weather. The play and scenery is also beautiful.
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Observation Deck
铁马秋風Wenyoutai, is the place where the Su-fu gathering of the East Poe, such as Qinguan, Sunjue, poetry essays, Fengliu thousand years, is one of the eight scenes of ancient Gaoyou, built in the Northern Song Dynasty, the present Qin Shaoyou Memorial Hall, the ancestral hall, there is Yingcui Pavilion, Chongguang Pavilion, the walls of Su, Huang, Mi, Zhao and Qin Shaoyou Dong Qichang and other famous calligraphy stone carvings. Looking over the high platform, you can see the whole view of the post city
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蕙质兰心蕙质兰心I have seen many rape flowers everywhere, but I am still surprised by the sea of rape flowers on the lake of Gaoyou. This 2,000-acre rape flower sea is spectacular, located on the beach of Gaoyou Lake, between the flood road and the Gaoyou Lake elevated, this is a water-rich flood season flooded areas, the lake will flood the road and beaches. Gaoyou City cleverly used the dry season, built a country park on the beach, and created the spring rape flower sea, has held two consecutive years of rape flower festival.
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_We***28Beautiful lake, bridges and vegetation! well worth a visit. I only had one hour to explore but could easily have spent a few more hours enjoying this lovely area.
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Historical Architecture
che***omIt is a small street connected to dongguan street. there some souvenir shops in this area and there is a famous restaurant in the place that serves delicious breakfast as early as 7:00 in the morning: when we went there there are few tour groups visiting the place even most of the shops were still close.