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462 Reviews
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
JukabazukaGreat and magic place, full of energy and history. There are similar monuments nearby and it’s definetly must see if you are in Athens!!! Greece people are awsome as well, very polite and friendly!
755 Reviews
121***59If there is one place you must visit in your life, Santorini is it. When you first look at photos about Santorini, you might think that the Aegean sea can't really be so blue. I remember my wife told me it's only photos.. and then we got there. Wow, the first morning I woke up and looked at the blue sea from my hotel balcony... there are no words to describe it. And then the sunsets, the blue sky, whitewashed buildings. Believe me, it is an experience you won't ever forget.
253 Reviews
Building by Famous Architects
D36***19A real jewel where an in-depth history about the Acropolis can be discovered. I strongly suggest having a guide with you so the finds can be understood. All these artifacts have a story to be told!
25 Reviews
_We***95This magical beach deserves to be named the most incredible beach in the world! Elafonisi (Pink Beach) is simply paradise! ! ! The beach is gentle, the climate is pleasant, the sea is clear...and the soft pink sand. You must come here for your next vacation! ! !
96 Reviews
第二号爱人I didn't expect to have such a place in the city center, the traffic is easy to come to, here is really special beautiful, and the downstairs another noisy completely different, and the set here is really like, very Greek style.
126 Reviews
小小小小杰瑞I went to this place in May 19th. In fact, this place has long been popular in Europe. Most of Asia is only known after watching Korean dramas. It is indeed a blue net red perspective that does not need a filter. I have to hike a large section of the cliff edge and the bushes stepped by tourists. Cong Xiaodao.. (Hazard index of three and a half) You can only see it when you reach a stone bench set up by a mother to commemorate her son's fall from a cliff...otherwise, you can barely get a glimpse of the beach from the crowded viewing platform. . The stranded boats are not easy to see... The speedboat on the beach below is easier to get seasick. When I went to the beach, tourists were already banned from landing. It seems that there was an accident... If anyone wants to go in the future.. In short, the scenery is not in vain. Watch out for the gravel and plants under the cliffs...

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IL PostinoKentrikos Tomeas Athinon,Greece

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The ParthenonKentrikos Tomeas Athinon,Greece

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Arch of HadrianKentrikos Tomeas Athinon,Greece

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Hellenic ParliamentKentrikos Tomeas Athinon,Greece

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About Greece

Greece, located in southeastern Europe, is often called the "cradle of Western civilization." Its many islands scattered throughout the Ionian and Aegean seas are renowned for their beauty and luxury. In the capital Athens, visitors can explore ancient ruins at the Parthenon, see the Theatre of Dionysus, or watch the sunset from Mount Lycabettus. Stroll past the famous blue church domes on Santorini Island and enjoy spectacular meals overlooking azure blue seas. Visit the famous Meteora rock formations with their incredible Eastern Orthodox monasteries or explore Ottoman history in Thessaloniki. Greece has been enchanting visitors since ancient times. Come explore this land of beauty and wonder.

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