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Cultural Experiencial Area
lmc2009Our great motherland is a multi-national country, each nation has its own unique cultural traditions and customs. The Tu nationality is a good song and dance nationality, mainly distributed in the Qinghai Province mutual help county area. Tu nationality style garden shows the Tu nationality song and dance and marriage custom culture to the tourists, worth the careful taste.
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滇国剑客The reason why Beishan National Forest Park has the title of national level is mainly because the forest coverage here has reached the standard of evaluation. Besides, the scenery composed of forest scenery here is not beautiful.
69 Reviews
SilviaXVery nice attraction. ★On October 1, in order to avoid the crowds of cars, I set off from Xining less than 7 in the morning and drove for 4 hours to reach the entrance of the attraction. At this time, there are not many people who come to play. It will be around 3 in the afternoon. There are more people. We ate lunch at the farmyard next to the entrance (the noodles are delicious), then drove to the foot of the mountain and started walking towards Tianchi. ★For the whole wooden plank road, the thick "Longnan Yang" and the "Dragon Rock" integrated with trees and rocks are the most impressive. Arriving at Tianchi is about 1:30 noon, the light is very good, the scenery of Tianchi has a special charm. Of course, the feeling of the scenery varies from person to person. ★Because of taking pictures along the way and taking care of the physical fitness of the elderly, it took about 3 and a half hours to visit Tianchi. If you choose to go up the mountain on a mule, it should be faster. A very pleasant trip, great!
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鼎天立地This scenic spot is far from Xining, about 110 kilometers, suitable for self-driving tour. The scenic spot is not relatively primitive. It is not very primitive. It enters the gate and goes up along a small river. The scenery is general. The air is fresh. There are cattle and sheep on the riverside to eat leisurely. There are many family picnics on the riverside. There is a small parking lot inside and go into the scenic spot. There are several waterfalls in size. Going to the first waterfall is the most beautiful. It is a bit like a waterfall in the small seven holes. After the tour, it is usually enough to use 2.5 hours.
167 Reviews
M41***27I thought of playing in Naton Manor for a long time, but I heard that I didn’t go there. I passed by today and heard the flowers sing in it. For a flower lover, I didn’t hesitate to go in. I went in and sat a small Sister, I asked how much the tickets are. Miss sister said that I don’t want the tickets.
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Historical Site
M49***27        In the mountain 20 kilometers south of Ledu City, a regular Lama Temple in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which was favored by Zhu Yuanzhang, was debuted earlier, and the believers spontaneously prepared to build it, and the Ming Dynasty had no influence on the Tar Temple, the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of         During the kobu era of Ming Dynasty, the mountain was already settled, but there was a disturbance in the border, and the temple director, sanrazo, went to the temple and advised each part of the place to return to Daming. After that, he was awarded a prize to successive Ming emperors and received a temple nistaka.         The temples are basically made of Han-style temples, and the Beiting, Bell and Drum Tower and the Hall of the Baodian are typical official buildings in the early Ming Dynasty. Based on the royal bloodline, the overall pattern is stable atmosphere, imitating the royal architectural style and the main pattern, in the class strict imperial society is a great gift and status symbol.         Today, the temple as the original appearance of the ancient building, the years feel extremely strong, the two wings up the arch trend Lianzhao copying the slant corridor unique, but as a treasure, when the huge color murals of the Ming and Qing Dynasties 2300 square meters rich color, delicate and vivid brushwork, clear natural layers, realistic sense extremely strong, It's precious.

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Tianyoude International Golf ClubHaidong,China

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Huzhu Beishan National GeoparkHaidong,China

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Mengda TianchiHaidong,China

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Nadun ManorHaidong,China

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Shiku TempleHaidong,China

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Yongning TempleHaidong,China

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Haidong Travel Tips

About Haidong

Haidong is a prefectural-level city in Qinghai Province. Haidong (“East of the Sea”) is named for its location to the east of Qinghai Lake. The tourism in Haidong City is characterized by a nature-friendly culture and cultural sites, in which folk and religious culture play an important role. Here you will find the Mengda Nature Reserve, a kingdom of lush vegetation nicknamed the Xishuangbanna of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. You will also find the “emerald of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,” the interactive Beishan (“North Mountain”) National Forest Park. There are also many archaeological sites of great research and archaeological value, including the prehistoric human remains of a natural calamity 4000 years ago at the Lajia site, and sites like the Liuwan Tombs, left behind by ancient peoples like the Majiayao and Xindian.

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